Need inspiration for a beautiful and inviting home, or just love home and interior design? Then take a look at these 10 bloggers, who all have their own personal take on a beautifully decorated home.

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Modern interior design in an apartment in Frederiksberg

On the blog Emili you will be inspired by Emilie's interior design in her apartment in Frederiksberg. As a follower, you will be drawn into Emilie's thoughts about the current style and the direction she imagines the interior design of the apartment to take. You get an insight into the latest purchases, and the very personal style and taste. It's a great blog with home decorating tips that also has a lot of personality, love and really good taste.

Amalie Szigethy

Feminine and romantic interior

Amalie's blog oozes personality and really good interior design. Amalie is very keen to keep the decor in her home light and friendly. Furniture and accessories create a loving home that is also incredibly child-friendly. Amalie has an eye for detail and her personal taste in interior design is marked by a feminine and romantic look. As a reader, you'll be inspired by the combination of the luxurious interior design style, while also giving the children room to play in the home.

Shades of Grey

Sophisticated interior in shades of grey

The blog "Shades of Grey", which Jill is behind, is characterised by a calm, quality-conscious interior design. Jill loves the shades of grey. Here you can be inspired by the combination of furniture and accessories, which together create a unique interior style. The calm style runs throughout the home, which also includes several children's rooms. As a reader, you are drawn into Jill's many great ideas for interior design, which now also include exciting decor for their new house. On the blog you will also find tips on where to find great deals on home accessories.

We asked Jill what she does to bring out her personal style in her home decor. Jill answers:

I'm very keen on having furniture, objects that are inherited. We have both lost parents, I both mine, so it is SO important that we can still "feel" them in our home. My husband inherited the "Egg" from Fritz Hansen, for example. It's so worn, that's exactly what makes it beautiful. My mother's old beautiful Royal Copenhagen pitcher with sugar bowl and cream jug sits beautifully in our display cabinet.
I think it's important to follow your own style and not compromise "just" to go with the flow.
Our home is a wonderful mix of old and new, expensive and cheap. Danish design is very much in our homes and hearts 🙂

From the Bloch

Minimalist and Nordic interior design in newly renovated house

Winnie, who is behind the blog "Winnie Bloch", also has the instagram profile "Home of bloch", which offers interior design inspiration for their newly renovated house from 1911. Winnie has a passion for a minimalist and Nordic interior design style. As a reader, you will be dressed for the quality-conscious design, which is very much characterized by Nordic cosiness. The blog gives an honest insight into Winnie's everyday life as a mother and wife, with a combination of delicious interior design that particularly gives go-ahead to other families with children.

We asked Winnie what she does to bring out her own personal expression in her decor. She answers:

I'm all about a personal touch, and I'm drawn to a home that isn't wrapped up in the branded stuff that everyone has. I think personality in the home comes from things you find yourself, and that it's cooler to own things in the home not all of Denmark has. 

Personal expression comes to me in the things we design and make ourselves, such as. Our walls in the house. We love the rustic style, and together with my husband I have gone into making the walls different, and something that characterizes our house.

It's fashion, baby!

Simple interior style with room for personal details

Lisbeth's blog offers decorating tips and delicious offers. Lisbeth writes when there are good deals to be had on everything from home accessories to personal care. If you like a cosy but simple style, you'll find great inspiration on the blog. Here you can find creative solutions for your interior, combining new and old home accessories. The blog therefore helps to give the reader exciting ideas for the interior, and the courage to put together different solutions. Families with and without children can find inspiration here.

Copenhagen Kiddo

Beautiful home accessories for both apartment and allotment

On Signes blog you will be inspired by the interior design, which includes both apartment and allotment. At the same time, she shows great decorating ideas for the different rooms with delicious home accessories as well as smart DIY tips. Signe also gives the reader good hints on where to find the best deals on stylish home accessories as well as her own wishes to change the style a bit in the home. Super cozy and very personal blog that inspires the reader with the finest interior design ideas.

To the question "what do you do to bring out your personal expression in your interior?", Signe answers:

I try to bring in small heirlooms and second-hand furniture to add a bit of soul between all the practical furniture. At the same time, however, I have to admit that practical storage furniture is indispensable when we live five to an apartment. So our home consists of a mix of new and old.

Sabina's world

Cosy, accomplished interior design and great DIY solutions

On Sabina's blog you'll get some wild and super nice DIY tips and ideas for the interior. As a reader, you are taken on a journey that inspires home projects based on seasons and specific events. Among other things, Sabina has been appointed as an ambassador for Ilva for 4 months. The blog is personal, cosy and totally accomplished and gives the reader the courage to jump into creative home projects themselves.

The Prince and the Lady

Personal and colourful style with unique flea finds

On the blog "The Prince and the Lady", Elisabeth gives readers a personal insight into renovating a house, everyday life with children and good decorating ideas. The blog has a personal and colourful style, where several flea finds have found their way into the home. There is plenty of inspiration to be found when combining new and old furniture, and also when adapting each piece to the personal expression of the home. You get a wonderful feeling that there is room for diversity. A warm and very cosy source of inspiration for interior design.

Here, Elisabeth explains how she adds personality to her interior:

I love to surround myself with things that are beautiful and tell a story. For me, it doesn't have to match, as long as it makes you happy to look at it. And the fact that things are cut or rusty doesn't matter - quite the opposite. Because every cut and every scratch tells a story. There are saw marks in our coffee table, probably because it was once in a workshop. And along with the peeling yellow paint, they're evidence that the table lived a life in someone else's hands before it moved in here and became home to coffee cups, remote controls and little liver pate fingers.
There will never be a common thread in our home, because that would mean I would have to choose things based on whether they fit in. Rather than their beauty and history. And that's just not as much fun, is it?

Krea Pernille

A personal composition of new and old

On the blog "Krea Pernille" Pernille shares her great interior design ideas. As a reader, you are taken into her home and get an insight into how she has chosen to put together furniture and various home accessories. Also when there are changes or when new furniture is added. Pernille is the founder and owner of the design company Livink, which sells home accessories. She therefore knows how to combine her own design with new and old. Pernille is super skilled at inspiring others by showing different interior design options within the same starting point. The blog is full of personality, cosiness and good style.

Gold log

Beautiful design with personal touch

On the blog Louise shares great posts about family life, fashion, travel, home and design. Here, readers can get great ideas for home decor, where Louise also shares inspiration from her own home. Readers with and without children can benefit from the advice and great ideas. A nice blog with relevant posts that can especially inspire with new purchases for your own home decor.

We asked Louise what she does to bring out her personal touch in her interior design:

I go to flea markets and second-hand shops and do a lot of shopping on, Den blå avis. I love things with history. I like to mix old and new. And I find a lot of inspiration on Instagram, where I love stumbling across profiles who decorate with personality and courage.