Children's cutlery - Baby dining set with spoon and fork

Of course, your baby needs a good set of food to eat with. Here we've found a range of children's cutlery that are popular choices. Three of the mentioned baby dining sets with spoon and fork, you can even get for 0 crowns if you sign up for our newsletter!

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Free children's cutlery with other purchases on

Children's cutlery with Hello Kitty - Dinner set with fork and spoon

If you and your baby are Hello Kitty lovers, this stainless steel children's plug is a great eating utensil for your little one. It's a dishwasher safe spoon and fork, and of course it's BPA free! If you sign up for our newsletter, we'll send you a gift code so you can get this kids cutlery for £0 when you buy other products on

Children's cutlery with Frost from Disney - Dinner set with spoon and fork

Frost is super popular among all the youngsters, and you can of course get a really nice baby set for your kids in stainless steel. Normal price for this dining set for children, is 49 crowns, but if you sign up for our newsletter, then you also have here the opportunity to get it for 0 kr in conjunction with other purchases on

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Children's cutlery with Starwars - Dinner set with fork and spoon

If you've got a boy, he probably won't want to eat with cutlery featuring Hello Kitty or Frost. On the other hand, Starwars is often a very popular choice! Normal price for this cutlery is also 49 kr, but as with the above, you have the opportunity to get it for 0 kroner when you shop at All you need to do is add the gift code that we will send you as soon as you sign up for our newsletter.

No order size required to get free kids cutlery

Of course, to get the free cutlery, you have to buy something else too. However, there is no requirement as to how big an order you need to place to get the popular children's cutlery.

Other popular dining sets from

If you have more than one child, you could choose to buy other children's cutlery to get one of the above dining sets for free. Below we will list some of the other popular spoons and forks you can buy at at a great price.

Dining set in bamboo

If you need a complete dining set for your baby and you want that natural and healthy look for your baby, this bamboo dining set is an incredibly popular choice. Here you get a deep plate, a bowl, a cup, a spoon and a fork in one package. Even though it's made of bamboo, it's dishwasher safe.

You can buy this beautiful bamboo dining set and tableware here

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Circeline cutlery from Krea

If there is a Danish cartoon that is popular among the little ones, then it must surely be Circus. Therefore, you also have the opportunity to buy a really cute set of spoon and fork with Circeline in ABS plastic and stainless steel. This cutlery is also dishwasher safe.

You can buy the Cirkeline cutlery here.