A bodystocking is super practical for the little ones, as it holds the nappy in place and doesn't fold up, leaving baby cold or sleeping on wrinkled clothes. There are a lot of different bodysuits on the market, both for everyday use and for parties, and of course in a lot of different materials. Here we take a look at where you can find the biggest selection of great bodysuits for your baby. You can see a very large selection of bodysuits at Kids-World

Bodystocking with cute detail

Very nice bodystocking for baby from the brand Mimymo. It is shown here with a nice little ruffle across the chest, which makes it very suitable for both everyday and parties. The bodysuit has practical details in the form of edging, which ensures a good fit. Seen at Kids-World.

Nice print from Soft Gallery

The highly popular Soft Gallery print adorns this bodystocking for children. Shown here in a limited edition yellow. So you'll have to be quick if you want to grab the gorgeous bodystocking from Soft Gallery.

Nice shirt body with collar and buttons

If you want baby to look good in clothes, this cute shirt bodysuit is a great option. It's very cute, and perfect for festive occasions, such as christenings or birthdays.

Cool bodystocking with Dinosaur on

This bodysuit is fun for baby to look at as it has a big picture of a cool dinosaur on it. The bodysuit comes in grey, so it will suit both boys and girls. Seen at the popular babyshop Baby daisies.

Bodystocking with skirt

Here is a perfect way to combine the dress and the practical bodysuit. The bodysuit has a skirt, so it's like a little dress. On the skirt itself there are pretty dots, and on the blouse there is a big caramel or piece of candy that looks cute. It's all kept in the modern dusty powder colour.

Sleeveless bodystocking - perfect for hot days

A really nice summer body with a cute summery print. The bodysuit does not have sleeves, so it is not too warm. It has really nice colours that are very summery. The edge is decorative and with a little lace detail. Very nice for the little ones on hot days.

Bodystockings for your child

Bodystockings are the perfect outfit for your child. A bodystocking is usually a short- or long-sleeved blouse that closes around the bottom with clasps or press studs. A bodystocking can be used as underwear or a blouse for your child, bodystockings are also great for sleepwear and come in both leg and boned versions. The ones without legs are especially good at night, as many little ones are often hot when sleeping. Those with legs can be used as rompers, and some of these are also available with feet in, for the very young. Bodystockings are used from when the child is a baby until they are 1+ years old.  


Smart, beautiful and functional

Bodystockings for babies are functional, as the button closure ensures that the clothes stay where they should and makes it quick and easy to change the diaper without baby having to wear anything over his head. Even though a bodysuit is super functional clothing for your baby, that doesn't mean it's boring clothing! Bodystockings come in all colours, with ruffles, prints, buttons, you name it. There are also many places that make personalized bodystockings, where you can have cute or funny characters or writings printed. This is especially something grandparents can have fun with, such as a bodysuit that says "grandma's golden boy".    


Hvornår can baby use a bodystocking? 

Bodystockings are for all year round as they come in many different styles. In summer, baby can easily get away with a short-sleeved bodysuit with just a nappy underneath. Short-sleeved ones are also great as a base layer if the weather calls for an extra layer. Trousers are easy to pull over and a long-sleeved bodysuit also looks good under a t-shirt.  

Bodystockings come in a variety of materials, many popular bodysuits are made from organic cotton or wool, because only the best is good enough for little ones. 

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