Populære drengenavne i Tyskland

I Tyskland er de mest populære drengenavne Maximilian, Alexander, Paul, Leon, Jonas, Lukas, Elias, Noah, Felix, Leon, Jakob, Luca, Erik, Benjamin, Tim, Finn, Liam, Moritz, Anton, Henry og Emil. Disse navne er forbundet med styrke, dynamik, selvstændighed og styrke. De er også associeret med klassiske traditioner, som stadig lever stærkt blandt tyskerne. Maximilian er et klassiske navn, der betyder den største, mens Alexander stammer fra Alexander den Store. Paul er et bibelsk navn, der betyder lille, og Leon er fra den latinske variant af det jødiske navn Levi, der betyder hård. Jonas og Lukas stammer fra de to evangelister i Det Nye Testamente. Elias stammer fra det hebraiske navn Eliyahu, der betyder ”Herren er min Gud ”, Noah er det bibelske navn, der betyder ”trøst”, Felix er fra det latinske navn Felix, der betyder ”lykkelig”, og Jakob stammer fra det hebraiske navn Yaakov, der betyder ”Gud beskytter”. Luca og Erik er klassiske romerske navne, der betyder ”lys” og ”helten”. Benjamin er et bibelsk navn, der betyder ”søn af min højre hånd”, Tim stammer fra det græske navn Timotheos, der betyder ”respekt”, Finn kommer fra det irske navn Finn, der betyder ”frihed”, Liam stammer fra det irske navn Uilliam, der betyder ”beskytter”, Moritz er et tysk navn, der betyder ”mørk”, Anton er et tysk navn, der betyder ”værdig”, Henry er et tysk navn, der betyder ”hersker”, og Emil er et tysk navn, der betyder ”arbejder”.

Populære navne i Tyskland 2023

I Tyskland er de mest populære drengenavne i 2023: Maximilian, Alexander, Paul, Leon, Jonas, Lukas, Elias, Noah, Felix, Leon, Jakob, Luca, Erik, Benjamin, Tim, Finn, Liam, Moritz, Anton, Henry og Emil.

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Board games for children

Looking for fun board games for kids? Then take a look at all the exciting board games for kids that are available. We've gathered board games for different ages, so all kids can join in.

A board game does something different than so many other toys. It can bring the whole family together around the dining table for a shared activity.

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy some real quality time with a kids' board game at the centre.

Table of contents

How to find the best board game for kids

When looking for the best board game, it's first a good idea to think about the age of your child. In fact, children can play board games from the age of 1 or 2, as long as the game is at their level.

If we have to mention good board games for young children, it could be games like picture lottery or puzzles.

For older children, there are many more options. There are lots of games that require you to sit still and think, while others are more physical, like music, or drawing something or something.

Just go hunting among the many exciting games out there. Read on to find the best board games for your kids.


The classic board game for kids has to be the good old-fashioned slot game. You can find the game in many versions that are fun to look at. Here is the classic wooden board with clear colours and a clear path to the goal.

If adults are present, children can join in from the age of 3-4.

Play with Mr Beard

Learn to spell with the popular Mr. Beard! This game is probably best suited to children just around school age, when they start to take an interest in letters and words.

The game features the recognisable Mr. Beard as children know from Ramasjang.

Fishing games - fun and active

Here's a game for kids where they get to play actively, and move while doing it. This can make it easier for children to play board games, as they often have a lot of gunpowder.

Dominoes with safari animals

This game even the youngest can join in. It's just a matter of matching the animals. The great thing about this game for kids is that it can be played in several ways.

You can also talk about the names of the animals, where they live, etc.

Wooden puzzles for the little ones

Cute puzzles with buds so even the little ones can join in. Choose from several different designs for your little one to enjoy.

Puzzle games are a great way to introduce board games to little ones.


This game is incredibly popular as the first game for children. The rules are quite simple, but they can also be easily changed and bent according to the child's liking.

In short, it's all about putting the images on the images that are similar. Then it's like a picture lottery. The game The Wildcat is available for DKK 249.95 at Lirumlarumleg.

Board game with pirates - from 5 years

This fun game is really fun from the 5 year olds. The game is brilliant for kids who love pirates, as it's a whole theme about pirates having to travel around.

Magnetic play from 3-year-olds

This fun game is great for ages 3 and up. Pass the balls around with the magnetic pen and get them through the maze.

Board games for children

A board game for children is and will always be a great gift idea! Not only does the child practice learning rules, sitting still and waiting for a turn - but it's also really nice to play a board game together as a family. Read on if you're on the hunt for a great board game for kids of all ages.

Board games are a great way for the family to spend time together doing something that doesn't involve any screen time. It's a welcome break from tablets and teledones. A board game for kids activates and challenges both children and adults.

The classic board games for children must be Ludo, or Matador (children's version). Maybe they are the ones you know from your own childhood?

But in fact, there are so many different board games for children today that challenge the child in all sorts of ways while still being fun.

If you search online, you'll quickly and easily find a board game that's right for your child's age. Nowadays, the age of the game is usually indicated on the box, which makes it easier for you to buy the board game. You can be sure that your child will be able to play the game.

Buying board games for your child is a great idea, and there are lots of different ones. You can find many of these exciting options here: https://www.nordiskspil.dk/boernespil 

The first board game

The first games you try are probably most often turn-based games or dominoes with pictures instead of numbers. Both of these games have incredibly simple rules, so it doesn't matter if you forget the rules once in a while.

When playing with your child, it's a good idea to let them win once in a while. It gives them more motivation to play more, and the very act of sitting with the game increases your child's ability to concentrate.

At the same time, playing board games is a great way to do something together as a family. So get started. It's a good idea to have a small selection of board games so you can vary things up a bit depending on what you're in the mood for. It won't get boring either.

If you need fun board games, you can buy them online or look into swapping with friends and family. Often many children have board games lying around that they have either outgrown or lost interest in.

You can also invite friends and family to a board game night. There can be board games for both adults and children. There's plenty to get you started and it's guaranteed to be a great night out. It's a different kind of intimacy than sitting in front of a screen. Good luck finding the best board games for kids and adults.

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Ipad for children

Is it even a good idea to let your little one play with an iPad? Are screens really unhealthy? No, actually, it's far from it. But it does require that the iPad be used with certain precautions.

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Children's tablet

A children's tablet can provide hours of fun for the little ones. Whether you need a kids' tablet for your holiday, your flight or just for a little fun in your everyday life, read on. There are several things you should be aware of when your child is using a tablet.

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Tablet for children

When you're on the hunt for a good tablet for kids, there are several things to keep in mind. It doesn't matter which tablet you choose for your little ones. Read on to find out more about choosing the right tablet for your little ones.

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Old maiden names

The good old Danish girls' names have gradually become popular again. Names like Alma, Agnes and Laura are classic names that many understandably fall for.

The names mainly date from before the war and were therefore used about 1 generation ago. It is said that we never choose the names that were popular in our parents' time, but rather grandparents. And this trend fits very well with that. They were also commonly used in the 20s, 30s and 40s.

Many of the old Nordic names have also become popular. You may also be considering American names.

Names from our parents' time such as Jane, Hanne, Lene etc., are not so popular for the little ones at the moment but it is not inconceivable that they will appear when our children have children.

But enough about that!

Now let's get to the list of fine old Danish girls' names:

  • Agnete
  • Agnes
  • Alma
  • Almine
  • Alvida
  • Anna
  • Anne
  • Anny
  • Augusta
  • Asta
  • Astrid
  • Bodil
  • Caroline-Mathilde
  • Clara
  • Dagmar
  • Doris
  • Dorthea
  • Ebba
  • Edith
  • Ella
  • Ellen
  • Else
  • Elinor
  • Elisabeth
  • Emma
  • Emmy
  • Ester
  • Eva
  • Frederikke
  • Frida
  • Gerda
  • Grethe
  • Gry
  • Herla
  • Ida
  • Inge
  • Ingeborg
  • Inger
  • Johanne
  • Josefine
  • Kaja
  • Kamma
  • Karla
  • Karen
  • Katrine
  • Leonora
  • Lily
  • Liva
  • Lise
  • Marie
  • Mathilde
  • Mona
  • Myrna
  • Rigmor
  • Pink
  • Sonja
  • Sign
  • Sigrid
  • Thea
  • Olga
  • Oline
  • Paula
  • Pauline
  • Petra
  • Ulrikke
  • Vera
  • Vibe
  • Vita

Why choose an old maiden name?

There may be many reasons for you to consider the old Danish girls' names. Maybe you want your baby to be named after a grandparent or other older person who had a special meaning to you. Or maybe you just think the old names are super pretty.

Which old boys' names are popular?

See the list of old boys' names here. There are just as many old boys' names that have become popular as old girls' names. If you need inspiration for your name choice, we recommend you take a look around this site. For example, click on popular names and see if there's anything you like.

When should my baby be named?

Your baby must be named or baptised before she is 6 months old. So while it may feel like you have to rush, you don't actually have to stress at all. There are really few people who haven't found a name by 6 months, so just take your time looking for one.

English boy names

There are many English boys' names, which are also super popular here at home. In fact, we are seeing more and more children named "Mason", which is originally an English name but can be pronounced in Danish.

If you are considering an English boy's name for your child, you can be happy that your child will have a name that can be pronounced in any language. That's because English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, and almost every culture and country can pronounce the name.

English names differ from traditional Nordic and Danish names in several ways. Firstly, there is no æ, ø or å, which are letters in the Danish alphabet. In addition, they are pronounced in English.

Be aware that some English names can be pronounced in both English and Danish, and sound quite different depending on how you say it. For example, the name Tristan sounds completely different when pronounced in Danish rather than English. Which pronunciation you prefer is a matter of taste, but it is recommended to decide on one way of saying it so that it does not become confusing for the little one.

If you don't yet know the sex of the baby in your belly, have a look at English girls' names, American names or old Danish names.

Table of contents

See list of names below:


















































Questions and answers about names!

Learn more before you choose a name for your little one.

Why choose an English boy's name?

Maybe you have an English side of the family that also needs to be able to pronounce the baby's name. You may also travel a lot and want it to be as easy as possible for everyone around the baby to pronounce his name. Or maybe you've just fallen in love with an English name, and that's the way it should be. There can be many reasons for choosing an English name over a Danish one.

Does an English name need to be approved?

Only if the name is not already approved. Fortunately, many names are approved. It can be a bit of a hassle to apply for a name to be approved, and you could be waiting weeks for a reply that might be a rejection if the name is deemed to be harmful to the child.

Can English names be pronounced in English?

By default, yes, but some names are obviously harder than others. If we take the name Mason, it's super easy to pronounce in both English and Danish. It doesn't really contain any sounds that we don't normally use in the English language. Whereas the name Richard or George can be difficult for some Danes to pronounce correctly. So remember to consider whether you want your child's name to be easy to pronounce, or the pronunciation to be very English. The latter will probably mean that your child will have to say his name a few times when meeting new people. Conversely, the name is going to be really easy to say out in the world, and especially in English-speaking countries.

Strong girl names

If your little girl is a real fighter or just strong and healthy, then she deserves a strong girl's name. On this page we have found beautiful and strong girl's names that all have a meaning and a strength in them. You may already know some of them, but I bet there are also names you haven't heard before.

The list of strong girls' names can be found here

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Names that can be used for both sexes

You've come to the right place if you're looking for names that can be used for both sexes, or gender-neutral names as they're also known. Scroll further down the page and find a list of the finest gender-neutral names.

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When to use a stroller?

Are you considering whether it's time to take the stroller into use, or maybe invest in one? In fact, there are lots of times when a pushchair is incredibly useful.

Table of contents

When to use a stroller?

From the moment your child can sit up without support, you can put the stroller into use. The stroller takes up less space than the pram, so it's great to take with you to the shops, in the car or on a trip.

  • The stroller is used at the earliest when the child is 7-8 months
  • A stroller is great for quick trips where your child doesn't necessarily need to sleep.

Perfect to take on the road

Most children love to sit up in their carriage and watch the world go by as you walk around the city. The stroller is great for this because it has a large backrest that can be laid down if baby needs a nap.

When to use a pushchair depends on where you live and whether the pushchair is used for walks in the garden. Lots of families like to have a big pushchair at home for daytime walks and then a smaller pushchair that's super easy to carry around when you're going out.

A stroller is different from a pushchair because it folds up and doesn't take up much space.

Questions and answers about pushchairs

If you're about to take the stroller into use, you'll have some questions you're looking for answers to. See if you find the answer below

When to use a stroller?

Most often when baby is big enough to sit up on his own and no longer needs to sleep several times a day but wants to look and observe the world more. Read when can baby sit in the pushchair.

Can the stroller stay in the car?

It depends on both the car and the stroller, as there are large strollers and small cars. However, as a general rule, you can fit a pushchair in your car, whatever the size of your car. It's just a matter of finding the right pushchair.

Which stroller is best?

It all depends on your needs and how much you want to pay for the stroller. The most expensive pushchairs are not always the best as they are often heavier and more expensive. On the other hand, they have plenty of comfort and are suitable for long trips.

Think about whether the stroller should be able to turn backwards so your child is facing you, or whether it should be super easy to carry in the car. You can also consider a sibling stroller.

Can my baby sleep in the stroller?

Yes, there's absolutely nothing wrong with the golden nugget not being allowed to close its little eyes if it gets tired. However, it's a good idea to make sure that the back can lie down, as this is more ergonomic for the little one's back, and it's also easier to create some peace and shade around the sleeping child.

When to switch to a pushchair?

This question is particularly relevant if you have one of the smart prams where you can replace the pushchair part with a stroller part. Most people switch to a pushchair when their child is around one year old. It also depends a bit on whether your child has outgrown the pram. Or your child may stop sleeping in the pushchair altogether, in which case you might as well switch to the smart pushchair as soon as baby can sit up on his own.

When can baby sleep in a pushchair?

When your little one gets tired on a walk, it's nice when he or she can take a nap in the stroller. But when can baby sleep in a pushchair? Read on to find out.

Baby can sleep in the stroller from around 6 months. It is best if the back of the pushchair can be fully reclined.

  • Baby can sleep in the stroller from around 6 months if the back can be fully reclined
  • If the back can only stand up, the child should preferably be 2-3 years old and it should be limited to a short nap or sporadic naps if possible.

Read also about when baby can sit in pushchair.

Table of contents

When is a stroller good to sleep in?

A stroller is different from a pram in several ways. In the following, we'll go over how the two differ in more detail and why it's best not to put your baby to sleep in a stroller from the time they're a newborn.

A pram

The stroller consists of a large box with an insulated bottom and a soft mattress inside. There's plenty of room for a duvet, pillow, cuddly toys and whatever else baby prefers. The pram is many children's favourite place to sleep. Because of the soft mattress and the space, babies can sleep in the pushchair from birth right up to the age of 3, if they can stay there at all.

A stroller

This type of stroller is characterized by the fact that it can be folded - hence the word stroller. It is therefore super easy to take on the road. It can fit in all cars where it is otherwise difficult to fit the large stroller. It's also great for travelling, as you can actually pack it up as luggage. The smallest pushchairs are umbrella strollers.

What type of stroller?

There really are many types of pushchairs. It's a good idea to think about whether your baby will sleep in it every day, or just for naps once in a while. If it's mainly for sitting up, then you don't need to think too much about whether the back can lie flat.

Or your child may be big enough to get down and walk a bit on their own, in which case you can settle for an even smaller pushchair.

However, if your child needs a nap often, and is perhaps under 1 year old, you'll be happy with a model that can lie flat on its back. You can always find the answer to this question in the description of the stroller on the page or in the shop where you buy it.

So if your baby is over 6 months and can lie flat on their back in the pushchair, you can let your little one catch up on some beauty sleep in the pushchair with a clear conscience.

Carrycot for pram, pushchair and car seat

If you're researching which is the best carrier bag, check out our review of the best carrier bags on the market and how to use them. Also read what you need to be aware of before deciding on which driving bag to get.

If you already know what you're looking for, you can jump straight in and read about our picks for the best baby carriers.

Scroll down and see if you can find the right carrier for you and your child.

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Sibling stroller - two children on the go

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Beautiful names with meaning

In general, all names have a meaning, but some names have a more special meaning than others. Stay tuned for lots of inspiration and great names with meaning.

When you have a child, this child should of course have a name that suits him or her perfectly. If you like the idea of a name not just being a name, it's a good idea to look for names with meaning.

On this page we have collected a number of names for both boys and girls, and each has its own special meaning. It's always a good idea to look through the name lists for inspiration. See for example American names, biblical names or old Danish names.

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Names with hyphen

There are many beautiful hyphenated names, also called double names, and that is why many children are given these names. However, this certainly doesn't mean that your child will be called the same as everyone else. The good thing about hyphenated names is that they are very easy to make unique. Take a look here and find great hyphenated boys' and girls' names.

Table of contents

What is unique about a hyphenated name?

In recent years, it has become popular to give children two first names. It's both cute and nice, and it also allows for more variety, not to mention choosing two whole names that you and the other parent like.

When you choose to have the two first names joined by a hyphen, this means that the child will be called both names. For example, if your baby is called Asta Marie, most people will just call her Asta. But if the name is Asta-Marie then it will be seen as one name. When a double name is joined by a hyphen, they work together as one name.

How do you choose the two names?

If you like the hyphen in your child's name, it's a good idea to make sure the two names go well together. It should sound a bit fluent and be easy to say.

As a rule, it is most common to choose double names, where each name has two syllables. For example, Klara-Marie.

However, it has also become both popular and common to choose short names as second names. For example, "My". So it becomes Asta-My.

Among boys' names, however, it is often seen with two short names that together form a double name. Examples are Karl-Emil or Thor-Leif.

Most importantly, though, remember that it should be a name that suits your baby and that you parents like.

Get inspired for the right name

Read through our list below and be inspired to choose a name for your child. You may also be considering a old Danish name or one of the popular names. First, we start with ideas for names that work well in doubles:


  • My
  • Gry
  • Marie
  • Rose
  • Sofie
  • May


  • Emil
  • Nohr
  • Carl / Karl

Try to take the name you like and put one of these names behind it. Below we have some ready-made suggestions for you.

Boy names with hyphen

  • Noah-Emil
  • Theo-Emil
  • Karl-Emil
  • Clara-Sofie
  • Christian-Theodor

Girl names with hyphen

  • Ditte-Marie
  • Ida-Marie
  • Ella-Rose
  • Rosa-Maria
  • Anne-Maj

Old double names

This kind of name has been popular for many years, which is why many of the old double names are still popular today, just as the old Danish names in general are hugely popular today. The old double names have their own charm.

The old double names like Karl-Emil or Karl-Johan are still often used, while others like Poul-Erik or Niels-Christian are not seen so often.

This is the best thing about double names

With a double name, you get twice as many options - and you can combine it however you like. Although there are many classic hyphenated names, it's not necessary to choose one of these at all. In fact, you can choose whatever you like.

Another advantage is that the child will have the opportunity to change his or her names later in life. At some point, your child may prefer to use only one of his or her two names, or both. Remember, however, that the double hyphen means that the name is considered to be one name.

Good luck with the name hunt!

English girl names

If you are considering an English girl's name for your baby, please visit this page. English baby names can be pronounced in almost any language, and your daughter will have a name that probably not many others have. Find inspiration for English girls' names on this page.

Of course, your baby should have a name that suits her exactly. That's why it makes sense to research names while you're still pregnant. It's a good idea to make a list of names that you like. Then you and your partner can go through the names together, and maybe get closer to a name for your baby. It might also be a good way to find out what your golden child shouldn't be called.

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Old Danish names

Nordic baby names 2021 | Nordic boys' and girls' names

In recent years, more and more children have been given the old Nordic names. Saga and Vilja, for example, have become more popular for girls, while boys are more often called Frej and Anker. If you need inspiration for what to name your baby and love the beautiful Nordic names, here's a list of the most popular Nordic baby names in 2021.

Does he look like a Balder or a Loki?" 

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