Black Friday deals: furniture, beds, duvets, dining table, dining chairs, sofa and more

Black Friday is a great day to buy furniture online. Expensive items like beds, whether you're looking for a continental bed, box mattress or elevating bed, are something you can save thousands on. We know of savings of up to 65% on buying beds online on Black Friday 2017. So these are deals that mean business!

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Buy your new bed on Black Friday: box mattress, continental bed or elevated bed

Or how about a new duvet for your bed?

At BetterNights they run again this year with super good deals for Black Friday. Here it is possible to get super deals on, among other things, the Sirius beds series, where you get up to 60% on selected models. So if you want a nice continental bed without it costing a fortune, this could be a great decision! That is, shopping for a bed on Black Friday.

It's also possible to buy duvets at BedreNætter, but another option could be where on the day you can save the whole 20% on the extremely popular Kapok duvets. A slightly different duvet, which is gaining popularity largely because they are organic and extremely good for people who sweat a lot at night in particular. You can see them here.

You can read more about choosing a continental bed here

Buy dining tables and chairs when there are good Black Friday deals

If your current dining table is a little worn, or you don't have a dining table and chairs to go with it, then it's a great idea to get out and look at dining tables during black week, and especially during black friday, when you're guaranteed to find some of the best dining tables and chairs around.

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A great black leather sofa or other nice sofas - Buy sofa on Black Friday

It may be a good idea to be on the lookout for all types of furniture on Black Friday. One of the bigger items that I'm sure will be snapped up in extra numbers this Friday is sofas. You can easily afford a nice big comfy sofa when you can get 20% off on it compared to any other day. When you're talking about, say, £10,000 on a nice sofa, and you can get it for £8,000 this Friday, then you'd better get cracking! You can always spend the 2000 kr on another day, or possibly one of the many other offers available on that day.

You can see our full list of Black Friday deals here

Happy shopping and good luck finding the best deals!