Maternity clothes are a very obvious place to save money, as they are by nature clothes you only wear for a limited period of time. That's why many people are looking for cheap maternity clothes that are still attractive and wearable. With cheap maternity clothes, you don't have to spend a fortune on maternity clothes that you can only use during your pregnancy.

Here you can find out where to buy cheap maternity clothes, as well as other tips for saving money on your maternity clothes.

If you're looking for great maternity clothes, and maybe a nice maternity dress, it pays to stop by Milkerspecialising in maternity and breastfeeding wear.

Vigga maternity wear - Maternity wear on subscription

Maternity wear by subscription is a fairly new concept where you receive maternity wear throughout your pregnancy for a fixed monthly fee. Once you have outgrown the clothes, they are collected and washed for use by the next pregnant woman. A very economical and environmentally friendly solution!

This solution is currently only offered by the company Vigga.  All clothes are organic. Once you have given birth it is possible to buy baby clothes on subscription.

  • Get new, organic maternity clothes as your tummy grows
  • Fixed amount - easy to manage the budget
  • The clothes will be picked up when you don't need them anymore

Beautiful maternity clothes for every occasion

If you're looking for maternity clothes that look like everyday clothes, you should take a look at the Milker webshop. There are plenty of clothes for both pregnant and breastfeeding women. Many of the clothes are so smart that they are both maternity wear, and afterwards can be used as nursing. Among other things, there are very fine clothes that can be worn for special occasions. You'll also find lots of everyday clothes at an affordable price.

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Cheap maternity clothes  

Are you pregnant and is your body changing for the bigger? Then you're probably looking for, or have bought, your first maternity clothes. Maybe you're a little tired of having to invest in a whole new wardrobe when you know it's only temporary. Fear not for your wallet, because you can easily find cheap maternity clothes that won't cost you the next nine months' wages.  

You can easily find cheap maternity clothes that still have everything they need in terms of quality and comfort, both online and in stores.  


Cheap maternity clothes on a budget

Maternity clothes come in exactly the same styles as when you're not pregnant, meaning you can shop for trousers, jumpers, shorts, skirts, dresses, cardigans, blazers, tracksuits, underwear and everything else you're used to shopping for, except maternity clothes take into account that you're pregnant and need a little extra space here and there. Cheap maternity clothes often come with stretch, as they need to accommodate your tummy at its largest. Maternity clothes are easy to get at good prices that are cheap and within budget. You can get it from brands like H&M, which has its own collection for pregnant women. There are also brands like family2be that also sell great maternity clothes at really good prices. You can also find many private sellers of cheap maternity clothes online. 


Cheap high quality maternity clothes

Cheap maternity clothes don't mean quality is compromised. You can still get cheap maternity clothes made of nice, non-synthetic materials that allow your body to breathe, which is great when you're pregnant and your body temperature can suddenly change from cold to burning hot. Cheap maternity clothes are easy to find, and when you haven't spent as much money on them as other more expensive maternity clothes, you won't be quite as tired of not being able to wear them after your pregnancy is over.  

10 ways pregnant women and parents can save on their clothing budget

It can quickly become an expensive affair when you need a new flight suit or your shoes are stuck. We parents know all about hunting for bargains on baby and children's clothes. There are several great tricks for saving on clothes when buying a new wardrobe for the kids. Here are 10 great and useful money-saving tips for parents and pregnant women alike.

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# 1 Use and reuse

Most parents will be familiar with this advice, but it is worth mentioning in this context. Recycling children's clothes is possibly the most effective way to save. Pass on clothes from big brother/sister to little one, or ask around the family if anyone has heirloom clothes that you can or trade. Many also sell out cheaply at flea markets or on Reshopper.

# 2 Go to the Mother's Help or other shops

In Mothers' Help and other recycling shops, you can return your child's clothes when he or she has outgrown them. But you can also save a lot of money if you look around the selection. Sometimes you can be lucky to find something from the really good brands like Molo, Hummel etc. that are in really good condition. Sometimes you can also find some new and exciting toys at a very cheap price.

# 3 Baby clothes or maternity clothes on subscription

For a fixed amount each month, you'll get stylish clothes for your baby as he grows. The clever concept is quite new, but already very popular. Old clothes are collected and passed on to the next family. It's all organised by the clothing company Vigga, which has even won awards for its ingenious concept. Read more about baby clothes on subscription here

# 4 Can it be repaired?

You may not have to discard those nice trousers, even if you've blown a hole in your knee. Maybe it can be stitched. If that's completely impossible, you can very easily iron a patch on the clothes. You don't have to be a seamstress to do it, and the patch can be a nice detail to the clothes! Choose from many great patches / iron-on labels here

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# 5 Buy little but good

When you buy clothes, think about how little you can really get away with. The new print from Soft Gallery might be great, but could the one you already have use a bit more? Buying good quality clothes will also make you like them more and wear them for longer. That's why it pays to buy slightly more expensive clothes, which you'll end up wearing for longer. At the same time, the clothes have a better resale value, which saves you money.

# 6 roll up your sleeves - better too big than too small

Blouses and trousers can easily be worn with a cuff for the first few months. This way, sweaters and pants can be used for another season.

# 7 Go bargain hunting out of season

If you buy the summer clothes in September and the flight suit in April, you can get big discounts. However, you need to be careful about knowing your child's size six months or even a year in advance. Plus, you'll need to be quick - the hot items go fast.

# 8 Shop online

When you shop online, it's easier to see where you can get the clothes cheapest. At Kids World there are often sales and good discounts on all the great brands.

# 9 Create a clearing house

Are there more parents in your circle of friends? Then organise an event where you all get together and bring the clothes that your little ones can no longer wear. Then you can swap clothes and all go home with something new that fits. (It's a great concept for adults, too, by the way. )

# 10 Sales groups on Facebook

Various sales groups have blossomed on Facebook, offering great opportunities to both buy and sell baby clothes. If you sell the second-hand clothes, you'll get a bit more money for your clothing budget. One of the biggest groups is called "Buy and Sell Everything for Baby". You can find it by searching for it on Facebook.