Lego City Politation is a great police station that guarantees many hours of fun. First, Lego City Police Station needs to be assembled, and then there's lots of playing with it. The large collectibles from Lego are for both children and adults. See more here and find out where they are cheapest.

Read about both Lego City and Technic on this page!

Lego City police helicopter and cars

So goes the wild hunt! This addition to the Lego City police station includes a police helicopter and two cars for lots of play. The set is made for children between 5 and 12 years old. Younger children may need the help of an adult to assemble the set. Like everything else from Lego City, this is super quality and has lots of nice details. Seen cheaply at

Legocity police station: mountain police

This Lego City Police Station is the base for the Mountain Police. Therefore, vehicles with wide tires are needed here, as well as two helicopters. It all comes together in a high police station with stairs. Many hours of play in this package, first with assembling the set and then lots of fun with games and changes in the construction. The police station includes a jail cell for dangerous criminals, 4 vehicles, 7 minifigures and a pump figure. See more about Lego City police station here.

Lego City Police Starter Set - perfect for starting Lego City

If you are in doubt about whether your child has the interest and maturity for a complicated toy like Lego City, then this fine starter kit a really good start. It's a pretty small set for just £100, with blocks for a police ATV (vehicle), four figures, ATM and a police dog. A good opportunity to get started building Lego City, and if the interest is there then it can easily be combined in the use of Lego City Politiation

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Få control på thiefknæThe LEGO City Police Station

Are you ready to catch crooks and thieves? Then the opportunity is there, especially with a police station from LEGO City. LEGO City is a concept that plays out reality and all its elements. This is done, for example, through the police station, where real becomes play.  


The police station contains everything the police need to catch the bad guys and keep them off the streets of LEGO City. The police station is a three-story building that includes a guard tower, office, garage and jail cell. The jail cell has a fun explosion feature for when the bad guys escape. Also included is a helicopter, police car, police motorcycle and a truck for the bad guys to escape in. Of course, the police station also comes with police figures and other small mini-figures, because of course a police station also needs its own guard dog.  


LEGO står for "play well"

LEGO City is just one of many LEGO series, and in addition to the police station, you'll also find a fire station, cargo terminal, racing team and more to complete the metropolis. LEGO has been around since 1930, and since then billions of kids have had hours of fun. LEGO City Police Station contains small parts, and is therefore not suitable for children under 3, but from there up, there is plenty of opportunity for play, so whether you are a small or large play child, LEGO City Police Station is the perfect tool, and the opportunity to "play well" is at its best.  


The city and all it contains

LEGO City contains many elements of everyday city life, and the only limit is your imagination. With LEGO City's police station, the safety of the city is in your hands, and the station's many elements provide the perfect setting to save the day. So call 911 and let the dispatch and police cars fly off between the city streets.  

Do you love Lego City? Take a look at Lego Technic!

Lego Technic is another great series from Lego, aimed at big kids and even adults. Here you really get the opportunity to challenge yourself, while having hours of fun assembling the products. Lego Technic products are available in several price ranges and levels of difficulty. Here you have to look at what age they are recommended for, depending on who you are buying for

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Cheap Lego Technic for kids & adults

If you've already decided you want something from Lego Technic, then you'll obviously want to get it as cheaply as possible. Here, buying online is recommended, as there can be a lot of money to save - and even a larger selection of Lego. The cheapest prices and best deals on Lego Technic can be found at - go to the webshop here.

Large truck with many details - ultimate challenge to assemble this large truck

This truck from Lego Technic has several details that make it both fun and challenging to assemble for children and adults alike. In the assembled truck you will find cab, detailed dashboard and steering wheel, sun visor, adjustable seats, bunk bed, and under the bonnet is a 6-cylinder engine with moving pistons and rotary cooling fan. Everything the car-loving child or adult could dream of. There are hours of entertainment with the truck. A great activity for the technically minded pre-teen or teenager. The box says from 11 years, but then the child will probably need the help of an adult along the way as there are many details that need to be put in place before the car is assembled correctly. 

Road crew - Assemble two technical vehicles

Here it is really clear why the series is called something with technique. With this pack, you get 365 bricks, all of which are used to build two great vehicles for road construction. Sets cost 200 kr. at, which is a cheap price for so much assembly work. In the webshop you will find a large selection of cheap Lego Technic, as well as several great and fun products.

Mown nice Porche! The great collectible from Lego Technic ( a special collectible)

This set is probably best to invest in if you have already tried your hand at Lego Technic and know that assembling technical models is for you. At the same time it should be mentioned that the set nko most of all addresses to true lego -and technique fans. It takes a lot of technical skill to assemble the Porshen.

In this set you get the whole 2.704 which are needed to assemble the Porch, which is also a real collector's item, suitable to stand on the shelf afterwards. The set from Lego Technic is not for the little ones, but recommended for children of 16 years or for adults with a love for cars. The porch from Lego Technic is seen for around 2.800 kr. just here.

See more about the Porch and its technical capabilities in the video below.

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Live your engineering dreams with products from Lego

Lego doesn't just make toys for kids. Many of their products are actually bought by adults who enjoy assembling products and who have a good technical understanding.

If you've always dreamed of becoming an engineer, you now have the chance to build control systems, crane arms, advanced gearboxes or piston engines that are usually the preserve of mechanics and engineers.

LEGO Technic, or other Lego series, is an exciting universe of realistic, detailed and authentic models of machines and iconic vehicles. The concept was released in 1977 as 'Expert Builder' due to its advanced designs, but was renamed 'LEGO Technic' in 1984 and has kept the name ever since.

The models have many amazing and detailed features that make it all very exciting to play with. You can explore the exclusive and super fast race cars, stunt bikes, rescue fire truck, pioneer car, helicopter, container transport or the multifunctional LEGO Power Functions Motors to make your building projects run and function as real-life constructions. See many of the variants at the webshop, where Lego is sold at a cheap price.

For children of all ages

LEGO Technic offers a great building and playing experience whether you are a child or a toddler. The products are aimed at children aged around 9, but many of them are actually aimed more at adults. The age is always indicated on the boxes, so it's a good guide when buying new. LEGO Technic, or LEGO Teknik as the series is called in English, varies in difficulty and can be built in several different ways. There are you instructions with. All the models are detailed down to the smallest detail, so you get the most advanced and well-functioning equipment.

Will you be transporting large amounts of cargo with LEGO Technic Container Transport, which includes an articulated truck with trailer that can be hitched by two large containers and a sturdy reachstacker, or will you be going on board a giant research ship with a large command bridge, crane, runway, a submarine and a helicopter? There's something for everyone.

How LEGO Technic and the other series work

LEGO Technic is the most advanced series from LEGO. There are many different elements and models, and you can also take a look at the other series from Lego, for example Lego City. You get advanced models with complex moving elements, such as machines with wheels or working front blades. The great thing about LEGO Technic is that all the designs can be converted into cool new models, so the only limit is your imagination. It also really provides the opportunity for intellectual challenge. Lots of fun, challenging and creative hours are guaranteed with Lego products.