Cheap stroller

A cheap pushchair is typically a small pushchair, possibly an umbrella pushchair, which is easy to fold. A cheap stroller is practical for big kids who walk a lot by themselves but still need to rest once in a while. However, a cheap pushchair is often also seen as an extra pushchair or to leave with grandparents.

There are many different models and qualities to choose from. Here we have looked at the very cheapest, but also at those that cost a little more, but are in turn more suitable for everyday use.

Cheap stroller - ideal for short trips and big kids

The best umbrella stroller if you're looking for a fairly light and small stroller that doesn't take up any space or weight. It doesn't have a lot of fancy details, but it's a good cheap stroller for the child who wants to walk by themselves a lot of the time, or possibly as a stroller to leave with the grandparents. This stroller has a harness to secure the child, and the swivel wheels can be locked if you're going over uneven terrain. When folded, the rear frame acts as a handle. A clever detail that makes the stroller easy to take on trips. Available at the great online baby store Lekmer.

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Simple and cheap umbrella stroller - only 307 kr.

Here we have perhaps the cheapest stroller you can get. This one is seen for only 307 kr. at Pixioo. It weighs nothing, takes up no space and is really smart if you only need it for short distances or travelling. The stroller doesn't have many details, but it does come with a harness. It's great as an extra pushchair, or for a child who mainly walks but needs to rest their legs every now and then.

Chicco stroller with smart details

This stroller costs DKK 1,399.95, and is thus not among the very cheapest strollers, but still in a very reasonable price range. The strollers have several details that child and parents can enjoy. It has a sunshade and the seat can be reclined. This means a lot for the child's comfort if he or she takes a little nap on the trip. If you are taking the stroller on holiday or in the car, it is easy to fold and takes up very little space. Seen at Pusleshoppen.

Cheap baby jogger stroller

Babyjogger has made this stroller as a cheap alternative to their expensive models. The strollers cost 2.499,95 kr. It has UV protection in the cup and the sturdy quality you know from the other babyjogger strollers. The stroller is perfect to take with you on trips or when travelling. A good stroller in excellent quality for the price. Available at Babysam.

Cheap Stroller 

A pushchair is one of the most important tools when you are on the move with your child or baby. Strollers are, as the name suggests, a carriage for your child that can be folded and therefore take up less space than a pram.  


What do I need to know before køb of stroller? 

For your child to use a pushchair, they need to be able to sit up on their own, which they can do at around six months. Strollers are very different and there are of course strollers for different needs. A pushchair can easily be cheap and within budget, here the ones called an umbrella pushchair are particularly good and they are also easy to carry in the boot or if you are going on holiday for example. If your child is going to sleep in it, it is important to check the reclining size of the stroller and whether the back can be fully or partially reclined. Cheap pushchairs usually also have the option of reclining the back, and your child will sleep fine in one. Before you buy a pushchair, and especially if it's a budget one, remember to think about what it will be used for. Is it just for a nice walk in the city, is it exclusively for holiday use or should it be an off-road stroller. Different needs usually go hand in hand with different price ranges, but you can easily find a cheap pushchair that is both safe and comfortable for your child.  


How do I find a cheap stroller? 

Cheap pushchairs are sold by the same retailers as the more expensive ones. But you can buy a used stroller and save more money. Second-hand pushchairs can be bought from private sellers or online at websites such as De Gule Sider, and you can even find nice pushchairs second-hand for next to nothing. A cheap pushchair is easy to find, just look for the needs it meets to make sure you get the right pushchair for you and your child.  

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