Cheap high chair for baby

A good and inexpensive high chair baby is necessary when the little one to sit at the table. There are many models on the market, and fortunately the most expensive are not always the best. Here we take a look at cheap high chairs for baby.

Most people can agree that babies and children are generally not particularly cheap to run. That's why it's no shame to look for cheap alternatives to baby equipment, and that could be a cheap high chair, for example.

Flexibility in everyday life

There are good and expensive models on the market, but a cheap baby chair can be just as good. Many of the models we've found here are both cheap and even easy to fold up and take on the go.

In everyday life with a baby, flexibility makes sense and some of the chairs can therefore be easily folded or adjusted to a height that allows baby to sit at the coffee table.

Find the right cheap high chair for your child in the selection below!

Cheap high chair for under 500 kr.

If you're looking for a high chair that won't break the budget but still allows your child to sit at the table, this model is a good choice. It comes with a tray and can even be folded down so your little one can sit at the coffee table too.

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Also easy to fold and carry on the go.

Chair on table

Smart solution if you need a baby seat that doesn't cost the earth. This is brilliant for when you're visiting, or if you need to move baby's seat around a lot due to lack of space. This is available for only 298 DKK. Buy via the link below the image.

High chair for coffee table and table

Another smart and affordable high chair for baby that can even be adjusted in several heights if you sometimes eat at the coffee table. Available in several colours, it is recommended for children from 6 months to 3 years. The chair costs DKK 898.

High chair with table

For the little ones, it's really handy that the chair has its own table. It's easier for baby to reach the food and the cleaning is more manageable. As baby grows, the table can be removed. This chair can hold up to 85 kg, so it can be used throughout childhood.

Baby seat and play car in one!

This clever chair can both act as a smart seat for baby, but it can also be folded up to make a fun play car! It's always great when things can be used in more than one way. The chair is priced at €1,095, buy it with free shipping via the button below the image.

Babydan high chair - choose between several colours

Classic and useful high chair from Babydan. The chair costs just under DKK 1,000, and is a really nice chair for the little one. You can choose from several colours, so you can get the one that fits your style and decor. Buy it and get free shipping via the button below the picture!

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Find the right chair

Typically there will be a need a proper high chair for baby when he or she is 4-6 months old. It is this age that they need to be introduced to real food, and therefore it is convenient to have them sitting in a high chair at the table.

When baby can sit up, it's also nice that they can sit with some toys at the table while you cooking, for example.

However, it may be to choose the right high chair, and especially if it also has to be a cheap high chair. That's why we've written some points here that you can use for inspiration, when you are buying a baby seat.

  • Is the chair easy to clean?
  • Can the fold up if you have to take it out the door?
  • Sitting baby comfortable?
  • And is the price reasonable?

Expensive and cheap high chairs

There are many good but expensive models on the market, which you can look at among the best high chairs for baby.

The expensive chairs like Stokke, Nomi and Tripp Trapp are undoubtedly a good choice and the child can use them for a long time. The disadvantage is that they are expensive to buy and often very heavy. and take up a lot of space.

Therefore it is a good idea to also consider the cheap high chairs for baby as an alternative. We have made made it easy for you by highlighting good and cheap high chairs from retailers.

Also handy to read about baby's first meals

When baby starts on food and not just milk, it's a whole new world for both you and baby. Here you can read more about how to go about it and what might be handy to have ready for when baby starts eating.

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Find more information via these links

 When can baby sit in a high chair?

Most parents wonder when baby will sit in a high chair. It is nice when baby is big enough to sit at the table. It is recommended that when baby sits steadily, the little one may sit in his chair. Before that, baby can eat in the or on your lap if you find it easier. Many babies sit in the high chair just before they can sit themselves but then they need the support of a pillow, for example, and not sit there for so long.

Where to buy cheap high chairs online? 

High chairs for babies cheap online, where you also often find them on offer. There are also many brands that make good high chairs and many models are easy to take on the go when you're visiting.

You get high chairs in all colours, shapes and designs, but ask the retailer about the safety of the chair before you fall in love with it. the look and design. Some high chairs have passed safety tests with flying colours, but others don't quite meet the standards.