Bruder cars are incredibly popular and lifelike toy cars, which makes them very popular with the dear children. The Bruder garbage truck is especially popular because of its realistic design and cool features in terms of lights and sounds and the ability to unload and load garbage.

On this page you can see where to buy cheap Bruder cars and where to find the great Bruder garbage truck. Further down you will find more suggestions for the car-loving child.

Very good quality on Bruder cars

Bruder cars are made in Germany and are known for their really good quality. The cars are not very cheap, and they are therefore recommended for children from 4-5 years and up, as it is a nice toy with many features. You can buy Bruder cars at Lirumlarumleg and at The Children's Cartel.

Bruder garbage truck with multiple functions

Now it's time to pick up the trash with Bruder's garbage truck. A nice orange garbage truck from Bruder that kids will definitely recognize from real-life garbage trucks. The garbage truck looks very realistic, and there is plenty of opportunity for fun and games with the nice car, and it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor play.

  • Tilting the refuse truck's cab
  • 2 rubbish containers are included which can be tipped at the back or hung on the side.
  • The entire load can be tipped when the car is emptied of rubbish.

Set at Lirumlarumleg for 569,95 kr. or at Children's Cartel for 449,95 kr.

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Green Bruder tractor with load

Another of the very nice and realistic toy cars from Bruder. The tractor has many functions. These include a front loader with "arm" and a grab that can be tipped, sunroof that can be opened in the roof and a trailer with tip load and with adjustable sides so that it can be driven with a high load. A very nice toy that can be used for play as well as decoration.

Bruder fire truck with ladder

Really nice fire truck with a long ladder, so fires can be extinguished at all heights. In addition, the car has both light and sound. There are plenty of hours of fun and play with the beautiful fire truck from Bruder, and will delight most children. The fire truck has been seen at Lirumlarumleg

Carpet - perfect complement to toy cars

Of course, the cars have to drive on roads, which they can do on this beautiful play carpet with car track. This rug is one of the more colourful rugs, which are sure to be fun to play with cars and more on. The carpet has many nice details that will get your imagination going. The rug has pictures of houses, lakes and other creative things.Buy the carpet with the car track here

Donkey Floor Tape - make a big car track on the floor

It hardly gets easier or cheaper when you want to make a car track for a Bruder garbage truck or other cars that might be a little smaller. Just put the tape on the floor, and presto, you've got a smart car track. The tape is just like painter's tape, only a little wider. The car lane has both striping and pedestrian crossings like a real road. To make the car lane a bit more fun, you can add signs and of course a lot of cars. Included in the package is a single car to match the track.

Car lane tape is a very space-saving way to have a car lane. The tape is easy to remove again.

Buy car track tape at Lirumlarumleg - 99,95 kr.


Bruder - Toys close to reality 

Bruder is a brand that produces toys that are close to reality and has been producing toy cars for over 90 years. The toy cars are everything you can find on the road as well as the farms and the machines that go with it. It's the crane truck with a real crane that can swing around and lift heavy things, it's farming machines like combines and tractors with a loader and shovel, and it's the garbage truck that keeps the neighborhood neat and clean. 


Bruder's garbage trucks for everyone. 

The Bruder garbage truck is available in different models. A Roadmax 2+ is the realistic garbage truck for the youngest, available in bright colours but with smaller parts and is therefore also safer in terms of what children can put in their mouths. The 1:16 MAN TGA model is a genuine (toy) recycled garbage truck from Bruder in a nice green colour. This model is sure to excite any child who loves trucks, and with its realistic design, can help children learn about recycling and waste management. This model comes with 2 colourful waste containers that can be opened, as well as the waste bin. Bruder has also created the Scania Garbage Truck model, which is just like you know it from the road, an orange garbage truck with accompanying waste containers that can be easily lifted and emptied into the waste bin using a raise and lower function on the truck, just like it works in the real world. Three fantastic garbage trucks that are sure to steal every child's heart.  


Why choose Bruder toys? 

Bruder products are made of hard ABS plastic, which is an approved material for toys and is therefore safe for your child to play with. Bruder's garbage truck and the other toy trucks are made of durable material, and can therefore withstand being played with both indoors and outdoors. With Bruder, you are guaranteed hours of fun playing with realistic vehicles that mirror real-world machines.

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