When your child starts walking, you can't wait to find their first shoes. It's a milestone in itself that they've started walking and that they're growing so quickly. It can be wise to spend some time looking for the right beginner shoes, as it's all about finding the right model for your child's foot. Prewalkers are beginner shoes and are therefore suitable for small feet that are still developing.

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We write a little about choosing the right beginner shoes and why you should choose prewalkers as your child's first shoes. At the same time, we give you some advice before finding your first shoes. Further down the page we give you some good inspiration in the field of beginner shoes, where you can find a selection of prewalkers for your child. Read more below.

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Starter shoes for baby

Even if your child is starting to take his or her first steps, it's a good idea to start slowly by buying that first pair of shoes. Your child's feet are still developing, so be careful not to put them in shoes too quickly. In the beginning, you can use non-slip socks and overshoes for outdoor play. Once your child is walking more steadily, you can start looking for their first shoes. But start off softly, as it is very important that the child can feel the ground beneath them. After all, it's the toes that they use to keep their balance. At the same time, walking without shoes helps your child's muscles, tendons and ligaments. When it comes to finding the first shoes, start by finding prewalkers, which are typically a shoe with a thin sole. This allows the child's feet to develop and is also easier for the child to walk in as prewalkers are also very light. Beginners' shoes should therefore be soft, light and close to the heel. We'll give you some advice on first shoes below, and further down the page you can see the range of prewalkers for your child.

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Advice for the first shoes

  • The right shoes should fit your child's foot. That means they shouldn't pinch, but they shouldn't be too loose either. One tip is to leave enough room for a little finger between the back of your child's foot and the shoe.
  • Buy shoes with a 1-1.5 cm growth allowance, so your child has room to move their toes and grow at the same time.
  • The sole of the shoe should preferably be flexible so that the child can move naturally.
  • The first shoes should have an adjustable closure such as lace or Velcro, so that they can be adapted to the foot.
  • Find shoes that are breathable, as your child sweats a lot around the feet.

En Fant Beginner shoes

Stylish prewalkers in leather with fine stitching details. The inside of the shoe is made of nice soft leather and there is a fixed heel cap. The sole itself is made of flexible rubber with grooves, so that the child has a good footing. The shoe closes with two Velcro straps, making it easy for the child to put on and take off. Available in several models, sizes and colours.

Bisgaard Beginner shoes

Adorable prewalkers in leather with fine hole patterns. The inside of the shoe is also made of leather. The sole itself is made of natural rubber which ensures good flexibility and there are small studs on the bottom which provide good footing. The shoe has a fixed heel cap and closes with a lace, which ensures that it fits snugly on the child's foot. Available with velcro and in several colours.

Pom Pom Beginner Shoes

Smart prewalkers in black with laces. The shoes are made of leather and have a flexible bottom, as the sole is made of raw rubber and also slip-resistant. The shoe has a good fit and sits well on the foot as it closes with a lace. Super nice quality beginner shoes that are available in several sizes.

Bundgaard Beginner Shoes

Smart prewalkers with a suede upper and nubuck sides and back. The sole of this model goes up over the toe and the heel itself, so the shoe is protected against wear. The sole itself is made of rubber that is both slip-resistant and provides good comfort. The shoe closes with Velcro, which is also easy for the child to put on and take off. They are available in several sizes and many different colours.

Adidas Beginner Shoes

Smart Navy shoes in soft leather that close with lace. They have a relatively soft heel cap and sole, so these nice shoes are only for the child's first steps. There are grooves on the sole itself, so that the child has good footing.

Ecco Beginner Shoes

Fine prewalkers in leather with a special Comfort Fibre System that keeps your feet tempered. The leather lining makes the shoe breathable and comfortable to walk in. There is a fixed heel cap and the sole is sturdy and goes up over the toe to protect the shoe. There are two Velcro fasteners to make it easy for the child to put the shoes on and take them off. Available in several sizes and colours.