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Children love to jump. The higher, the better. So why not get a trampoline? Read on to find out what to look out for and where to buy the most popular and best trampoline.

Here you will find the best trampoline for your child or children. If you have a garden, you have room for a large trampoline. But you can also get mini trampolines, which fit nicely in the kids' room or living room. We have listed many different trampolines so you can find the best trampoline for your child or children.

Think about this before you buy a trampoline

  • How much space do you have?
  • Is the trampoline for indoor or outdoor use?
  • How much can the trampoline cost?
  • Is your child a beginner, or is more practiced?

See our picks for the best trampoline for your needs below

Read about trampoline safety at the bottom of this post.

View large selection of good trampolines at reasonable prices

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Fantastic Berg Trampoline that ensures the best jumping experience.

  • Safety is paramount: extra strong edge mat and securely fastened safety net
  • Diagonally positioned springs - for a unique jumping experience and resilient dew
  • From the Berg brand, which has been producing the best trampolines for more than 30 years

Easy to assemble and no digging down - you can start jumping right away!

It's not a cheap trampoline, but it's a great trampoline of really good quality. Price: 6.499 kr.

Worth knowing about Berg trampolines

Berg Trampolines are among the most popular and best trampolines. The Dutch brand Berg has been producing trampolines for more than 30 years and is today the leader in the field. They make the best trampolines for both children and adults, and their trampolines provide a jumping experience beyond the ordinary.

Among other things, a Berg trampoline has an edge mat that prevents fingers or toes from getting caught between the canvas and the frame. In addition, a Berg trampoline has the best-developed springs that ensure a very resilient canopy.

The safety of a Berg trampoline is also top notch. The safety net on a Berg trampoline is secured by the poles, which ensures that it cannot suddenly fall off. The frame is also always of the highest quality, and can withstand the changing Danish weather. If you want to read more about the good Berg trampolines, they are sold at Coop - click here

In-ground trampoline from Berg

An in-ground trampoline offers many advantages. It is a good trampoline for the garden. The trampoline is not at risk of falling over in a storm and you don't have to move it around when mowing the grass. In addition, it is more aesthetic in the garden as it does not block the view.

This Berg underground trampoline naturally meets Berg's usual high standards for safety and comfort.

See here how to bury a trampoline.

Price: 4.499 kr.

In-ground trampoline with safety net

A trampoline that is buried is easy for children to get on and off. There is also no risk of falling off and hitting themselves. The safety net on this model provides extra security. As with all Berg Trampolines, safety is top notch and the trampoline has the best springs to ensure a super good experience.

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The trampoline is solid and strong, and can be used by both adults and children. This means that mom and dad can also get a lot of pleasure from this Berg Trampoline.

Price: 6.799 kr.

Mini trampolines

Mini trampolines are popular because they can be used both indoors and as a trampoline for the garden. They are easy to move around. They are especially good for younger children as they can better manage a small trampoline. A mini trampoline can also be used to complement the large trampoline in the garden. Here we listed mini trampolines that could all be the best trampoline for your toddler.

Fun Thomas Train trampoline for the youngest (from 12 months)

Here's a fun trampoline that your child can use as soon as he or she learns to walk at 12 months. It's ideal as a first trampoline, strengthening your child's balance, coordination and strength right from the start. The cool Thomas train trampoline costs DKK 649 at retailers Only4kids.

Gurli Gris Trampoline with sound

Fun trampoline with Gurli Gris, known from TV. The trampoline can make funny sounds when you jump on it. Every child will love it. It is one of the best trampolines for the little ones because it has a handle to help the child keep its balance. The trampoline is sure to be a hit with any child who loves cute Gurli. Price 768 kr.

Fun mini trampoline with handles

This lovely mini trampoline is safety tested and suitable for children up to 24 months. The great thing about the mini trampoline is that it folds up so it doesn't take up much space and can be easily packed away. Price 849 kr.

Junior trampolines (from 3 years)

A junior trampoline is for children from 3 years old. These trampolines are slightly larger, and offer a little more opportunity for children to jump and romp around. At this age, children have a lot more control over their motor skills, and the junior trampolines therefore do not have a handle for the children to lean on. Children can jump high and freely on a junior trampoline.

Junior Trampoline with Safety Net

Relatively small trampoline of 1.4 m in diameter. The price includes a safety net to prevent children from falling out. The best trampoline has a safety net, for increased safety. This junior trampoline costs DKK 1,077.

Cheap trampoline

Cheap trampoline: if you're looking for a trampoline that won't reduce your child's savings to a minimum, there are several options to choose from without compromising on safety. The trampoline takes up little space with a diameter of 2.4 m. The trampoline is of high quality with an edge cushion and a sturdy frame of extra thickness. The trampoline can withstand a weight of 100 kg, so there is plenty of room for more children to jump on it. The price includes shipping.

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Trampoline with safety net - set for only 1.949 kr

Here you get a large trampoline with a diameter of 3.05 meters.

The trampoline is safety approved according to EU rules for trampolines for private use when used with safety nets. The trampoline costs little but is still safe. The frame is of an extra thick and good quality. The safety net is perfect for children who like to play wild.

Jumpking trampoline - a great trampoline

If you want the biggest trampoline in the neighbourhood, this is a good bet. Here you get the ultimate jumping experience. The large trampoline measures 5.2 x 4.25 m. The quality is top notch, making it one of the best trampolines you can get. Because of the large size, this is a great trampoline for the garden.

The special spring technology, safety net and strong frame together ensure the safest and most stable experience. The trampoline is undoubtedly for the most bouncy children!

Price 7.999 kr.

Why trampolines are so popular

  • It's healthy to jump
  • Exercise prevents obesity
  • Children can play for hours
  • You can get trampolines of all sizes that can be in almost any garden

Trampoline burial

Trampoline burial has many advantages. Firstly, the trampoline takes up less of the landscape and does not take up the view of the garden. Secondly, you don't have to move a heavy trampoline around when mowing the grass. Third, it's easier for kids to get off and on the trampoline, and they can't fall far and hurt themselves. Many people find that a buried trampoline is the best trampoline as it is safer and looks nicer in the garden. At the same time, you avoid the risk of the trampoline blowing away in a storm. The disadvantage is that the trampoline can't be moved easily, and trampoline burying requires a bit of work.

See our guide to the best way to bury your trampoline

How do you bury a trampoline?

The easiest way to dig down a trampoline is to use an excavator, which you can hire from supermarkets. A Bobcat is good for this purpose. Make sure you dig the hole at least 1 metre deep so there is no risk of hitting the ground when jumping. It is a good idea to shore up the hole with retaining wall tiles and cement. There should be enough space so that the trampoline does not hit the tiles. A buried trampoline is safer, looks nicer in the landscape and you don't have to move it when mowing or when it's stormy.

Stay safe - 5 tips

Safety is the most important thing when your child jumps on the trampoline. The Children's Accident Fund has therefore developed 5 tips for your children when jumping on their trampoline:

  1. Always jump one at a time
  2. Use safety net
  3. Never hit saltomortals
  4. Children under six must have an adult by the trampoline
  5. Remember to give the trampoline a regular safety check
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It is estimated that every 3rd household has a trampoline in the garden. Toy shops have even had to sell out of the popular trampolines. Children love jumping on the trampoline, which develops their motor skills and is a great opportunity for play, challenge and exercise.

Source: the "Jump with your Head" campaign

Jumping several children at once

On the really big trampolines like Jumping trampoline over 5 m in diameter, it is easy to jump several children at once. It's fun for the kids to be together on the trampoline. Per Ølholm, former elite gymnast on the DGI World Team and current gymnastics instructor, tells Our Children that his three children are often on the trampoline at the same time. He believes it's about using common sense as parents and assessing the situation. Among other things, he stresses that you should be careful if you have guests with children who are not used to jumping on trampolines. Then it might not be a good idea to have many children at once. Per Ølholm himself has had good experience with the trampoline, and finds that his children have become stronger and healthier. More than one child can jump on a big trampoline, but always be careful and keep the children under supervision. Make sure the children weigh about the same. Otherwise, smaller children risk being sent flying at high speed and may risk hitting themselves when they land.

Wild hop

Hitting saltomortals requires practice and should not be practised immediately by children who have no experience of it. They risk landing incorrectly on their necks and may sustain injuries. Children get plenty of exercise and fun by jumping normally on the trampoline, and it is a game they can continue for hours.

The youngest children on trampolines

Very young children under 6 should preferably be accompanied by an adult on the trampoline, or right next to it. You may want to start with a mini trampoline that your child can practice on indoors before trying a larger trampoline outside. A mini trampoline can be used by children as young as 1 year old. See for example a fun Thomas Took Trampoline, or a Gurli Gris trampoline with sound. Whichever trampoline you choose, you'll get the best trampoline by regularly giving it a safety check. Always do this before the jumping season starts in spring.