A pool for the garden is very popular with both families and couples. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be particularly expensive or difficult to buy a pool for your garden. Here we have chosen to write about the so-called free-standing pools for the garden. This type is the best pool for the garden if it needs to be both easy and affordable to have the opportunity to really splash and swim in the garden. A freestanding pool is almost one big swimming pool, which you can buy in several different shops.

On this page you will find a number of suggestions for the best pool for your garden, depending on your needs and options.

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Do you have the space for a large pool in the garden?

Of course, it's important to make sure you have room for a large pool. If space in the garden is at a premium, it may be a good idea to consider where the pool will be in winter and autumn, so you can easily move it from the garden when it's not in use. Also remember that a large pool requires more water, and will therefore cost more in running costs. On the other hand, a large pool in the garden really does offer the opportunity to swim and splash around, and it's easier to have several children and adults in the pool at once. If you have the space, the best pool for the garden is probably the large model, around 4.5 metres in diameter, which are the largest we looked at in this study.

A large pool - 1.499 kr.

This Bestway Fast Set Pool holds 10,179 L when filled 80% down water. It is not recommended to fill it more, as there must be room for the children and some toys. The pool is one of the largest garden pools we've looked at, and it can accommodate many children at once, giving them plenty of opportunity to splash around. The diameter of this model is just over 4.5 metres, so you'll need room for that. A filter pump is included so it's easy to get air into the pool. This large pool for the garden costs DKK 1,499 at Wupti, and is perhaps the best pool for the garden if it needs to be large.

Small and cheap pool for the garden

If your garden space is limited or you don't want your new garden pool to take up too much room, this model from Wupti is a good choice. It is just under 2.5 metres in diameter and costs just DKK 549. So it's a cheap pool for the garden, which will also be cheaper in running costs, as it requires less water consumption. When filled, the 80% holds 2,300 litres of water. This garden pool is quite easy to set up with the included pump, and is made of really good and durable material. It is from the brand Bestway Fast Set pool, which are sold at Wupti.

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Intex large pool for the garden

At 10 - 4 construction market we've seen this large pool from the brand Index. It's just over 4.5 metres in diameter, so this is also a great pool for the garden, providing plenty of space for splashing and playing for several children and adults at once. The pool costs 1,499 DKK, which must be said to be a cheap pool with that size. A practical detail is that you can buy a cover which costs DKK 99, which you can cover it with at night or during periods when it is not in use. A cover prevents dirt and muck from getting into the pool, but also prevents cats, dogs and other small animals from drowning in the pool.

Rectangular pool for the garden

A rectangular pool for the garden is a wish of many, as it can be placed in a corner of the garden, taking up much less space - without compromising on the size of the pool. The vast majority of pools are round, as this shape is the easiest to construct.

Fun rectangular pool for the garden - perfect for the kids

We have found only one rectangular pool that is also affordable. Namely this model from Coop. It is very child-friendly and has nice drawings inside, which give a fun 3D effect when water gets into the pool. The pool comes with 3D glasses, so the kids can put them on and dive into the pool and look at the beautiful pictures. The rectangular pool for garden costs 349 kr. at Coop. Also for this pool it is possible to buy a cover for DKK 99, which you can put over the pool at night or if the weather is too cold for you to use your pool in the garden. A cover also prevents small animals from straying into the pool and drowning.

Large bouncy castle with water - ideal pool for children

If the pool you choose for your garden is for the kids, this bouncy castle is the right choice. It has it all, water, toys and the chance to slide and splash. Kids can spend hours playing on this bouncy castle on a hot summer day. It is sold at 10 - 4 DIY store, and costs 3478,35 kr.

Toys for the pool

To make playing in the pool really fun, fun water toys that you can take into the pool are a must. Depending on the size of the pool, you can choose suitable toys. For a small pool, a bucket and a ball can provide plenty of fun and play opportunities, while for a larger pool there may well be actual bathing rings or bathing animals that the children can swim around with.

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Here we've highlighted a few toys for the garden pool that will make playing even more fun for the kids.

Great shark - a fun bathing animal

The bathing animal is easily inflated and your child has a wonderful playmate for the pool. This shark can be used both for play and as a support if your child feels more secure with something to hold while playing in the pool. Buy the shark or another bathing animal right here.

Bathing wings - when learning to swim

If your child is not yet comfortable in the water, a pair of swim wings is a good investment. It helps your child stay upright and is a great support when learning to swim. The wings are ideal to use at home in the pool or garden as a good support and a safe start. The wings can also be taken on holiday or to the swimming pool. You can buy the swim wings cheap here. 

Fun beach balls: a few fun little balls like these can bring a lot of joy both in the pool and elsewhere. They can be bought cheaply here

Large Inflatable Spa - If you want luxury in the garden

Feel the balls and the warm water and enjoy pure relaxation in your own garden... If you like real luxury, this beautiful garden spa is worth a look. It can be set up anywhere in the garden, for example on the patio, it just needs a flat surface. Because it's an inflatable spa, the price is kept at a more reasonable level than investing in a "real" spa. The advantage of this is also that it can be packed away / moved around if needed. This hot tub can be purchased at Sundleg, and it comes in several different sizes. Prices start from 3,249 kr, and upwards, depending on which size you end up choosing. You can read about all the features at the retailer Healthy right here.

Small swimming pool for babies and children - a good and cheap alternative to the pool in the garden

If the project of a pool in the garden seems too expensive and unmanageable, you can quite easily and even very cheaply give the children the opportunity to play with water in the garden. In fact, here we've put together a list of some cute and inexpensive pools for the garden that baby and younger children can have a lot of fun with. Children love water, and with some fun water toys, there's plenty of opportunity for kids to have fun and play in a small garden bath.

See baby pools here

Find the best pool for your garden

Which pool is the best pool for the garden will of course vary depending on how big the garden is, how many children will be swimming in the pool and how much money you want to spend on the pool. Of the garden pools we have looked at, the best garden pools cost from around £500 upwards. The largest garden pools cost 1,499 DKK, for example those at Wupti.

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Hopefully you can find the best pool for your garden on this site.

Free-standing pool or in-ground pool?

On this page we have chosen to highlight a number of the best free-standing pools for the garden, as these are among the most popular. This is because they are quick to set up and you can get a good, affordable pool for your garden if you choose a freestanding model.

However, there is also the option of an in-ground pool, which would be a slightly larger project. On the other hand, you get more of a "real" swimming pool in the garden, which is often also a large pool in the garden, with plenty of space to swim. Such a pool will attract children and neighbours from near and far. However, be aware that an in-ground pool also requires much more maintenance than a free-standing pool, and you can't move it or pack it away during the winter season. As we have very few months of summer weather in Denmark, this is probably one of the reasons why free-standing pools are the most popular pool for the garden.

Rules for pool in the garden

If you buy a free-standing pool, there are not many rules to deal with, other than that you should not disturb your neighbours with your pool. It's always a good idea to check with your local authority about the rules for pools in the garden, as there may be different rules in different municipalities that you need to be aware of. Also ask the neighbours if there are any common guidelines in the neighbourhood that you should take into consideration before purchasing a pool. For example, in some places there are rules about how many litres the pool can hold, partly for environmental reasons.