Hearing protection for children can come in handy in several different situations. Maybe you're taking your child or baby to a nice concert or festival. Hearing protection is also useful if your child is going to be involved in noisy activities, such as mowing the lawn with a large lawnmower. Again, some children just think it's fun to have as part of their toy collection. You'll probably find the largest selection of hearing protectors for babies and children at Babygear, while you can find the cheapest at 10-4 construction market.

Here we've looked at some of the best hearing protectors for kids and what you can get for your money.

Junior hearing protection for kids in pink

This hearing protection for children is available cheap in the online DIY store 10-4. It costs just 79 DKK. The ear cups are foam coated, so they are super comfortable for the baby to wear. When not in use, they fold up completely for easy travel. It effectively muffles sounds so your child doesn't get earaches. It attenuates by up to 27 decibels.

Good hearing protectors for babies from 6 months.

In these hearing protectors for kids, you get good quality at a pretty low price of just £8. The foam inserts can be adjusted to fit the child perfectly and are therefore comfortable for the child to wear. The ear cups can be adjusted in two places so that they sit well on baby's round head and don't fall off all the time. In addition, the hearing protector has a low weight of just 100 grams, which is important for the smallest. Choose between green and pink here.

Hearing protectors for children with nice patterns

If you're into hearing protectors that can look good and be super effective, these are a good choice. They're priced at DKK 148 at Babygear, and there are lots of great colours to choose from. These ear muffs weigh just 190 grams. See more colours and sizes here.

Not på your child's heagerness

It's not just you who is bothered by loud noises, your child's hearing is much more sensitive than yours and therefore you have the responsibility to protect your child's hearing from loud noises. Therefore, wear hearing protection for your child when you know he or she will be exposed to a lot of noise. Loud noises can be frightening for babies and young children as their hearing is extremely sensitive in the first few years of life, they are more likely to develop damage to their eardrums and this damage is permanent for your child. Therefore, you have the opportunity to prevent damage with the use of hearing protectors for your child.

Your child will love a hearing protector

Not only is a hearing protector safe and preventative for your child. Your child will also find it super stylish, with the many colours they come in, and having the same equipment as dad, or mum. With colours ranging from blue, pink, green, yellow, purple and many more, your child will be able to have their very own hearing muffs in their favourite colour. A bright colour for your child's hearing protection also increases visibility, and therefore safety, for your child in large crowds.

A hearing protector has tight-fitting rings made of soft material for good comfort, and is available for children from 0 years upwards.

When should your child use hearingrn?

Hearing protection for your child is a great idea for when you know you're exposing your child to loud or powerful sounds. This could be during concerts, at motor sports or something as common as hedge trimming or lawn mowing. Reactions to loud noises differ from child to child, but with hearing protection you are sure to look after your child's hearing and protect them from harm. So don't be afraid to take your child to fun things like concerts, just wear hearing protection so they'll enjoy the day as much as you do.

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