Best elevation bed for you

Looking for the best elevation bed? And should it be affordable too? Then you've come to the right place. Take a look here, where we review different elevation beds both double elevation beds and single. We look at the pitfalls you need to be aware of when investing in a new bed.

Price is an important parameter when investing in something new. Fortunately for you, there is a lot of competition in the bed market, which means that today you can buy a cheap elevation bed, which are actually of good quality and produced in Denmark.

An elevation bed is the right bed for you if you enjoy sleeping in different positions. Do you suffer from headaches neck - and back pain, it can feel good to raise the headboard a bit. This provides a completely different level of support than simply using a pillow.

Read on to find out how to choose the best lift bed for you.

👍 Advantages of elevation beds

With a soft touch of the remote, your head is raised slightly and you can now read, watch TV or simply sleep more comfortably with your headboard raised. Sound like something for you?

  • Perfect for those with back problems
  • Possibility to sleep with raised legs, and/or raised headboard
  • Ideal for reading or watching TV in bed
  • Can relieve snoring or cold symptoms (raise the headboard)

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Read before you buy your new bed...

Unfortunately, there are many elevation beds on the market that are sold at a very cheap price, but where the mattress is not flexible enough or the motor is of poor quality.

Still, you should spend some time reading about the different models and what they can offer. If you have problems like a bad back, neck and shoulder pain or headaches and fatigue in the morning, you should look carefully before buying.

An elevating bed has many advantages, but it's not necessarily the best bed for everyone. That's why we recommend you read up on the pros and cons of an elevating bed and what you should look out for before you decide.

Which elevation bed mattress?

The most important thing must be that the top mattress can be shared, so you and your partner have the opportunity to set up your beds individually. Fortunately, this is the case on the vast majority of models.

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Pay particular attention to the mattress and read about what springs are in it and what material the mattress for the elevation bed is made of. Most people like the natural material latex, which is both breathable and flexible.

However, the springs in the mattress are at least as important. Here you should go for pocket springs. The springs are inside a bag, which prevents them from tangling, and so increases their lifespan too.

I your new bed you will sleep better and be more alert already next week!

Buy your bed cheaply online - is it a good idea?

Many people associate buying a new bed with going to a physical store and trying it out before buying. Of course, it's a good feeling to have tried out your bed before you buy it.

But unfortunately, many people end up choosing a bed that is too soft this way. There is a big difference between how comfortable a bed feels for 5 minutes and how your body feels after a whole night in bed.

In addition, the selection in physical stores is often not as large as you will find online.

Advantages of buying a bed online

  • Larger selection of elevation beds
  • MARKANTLY lower prices than in shops
  • Many options to customize your bed and mattress exactly to you

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Jupiter Wood - good elevation bed for the price !

Are you looking for an elevation bed with a powerful motor and as many as 5 comfort zones in the mattress? Then this Jupiter bed maybe something for you.

The bed has supportive pocket springs, which are the most effective in supporting your body optimally. The motor is very quiet.

The good springs and comfort zones mean that your body will sink down further in the heavy areas such as buttocks, hips and shoulders if you lie on your side. This prevents pain and fatigue the next day.

The entire bed is Danish made and meets strict quality requirements.

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At Better Nights you always have a 100 day trial period! Invest in a new bed now and experience more energy and less pain and discomfort in your neck, shoulders and back.

Krone Deluxe Elevation - for those who need a good single bed

The bed measures 90 x 200 cm 

This bed can be controlled via an app! You probably always have your phone on the bedside table anyway, so why not use it to set your bed?

The mattress has 5 comfort zones, which ensure that you lie optimally during the hours you sleep or rest. Enjoy the possibility to relieve your back by changing the settings in bed. The motor is very quiet.

The bed has an exclusive look with wooden legs and nice frame. It's all Danish design and comes with a 15-year warranty.

At Bedtime you can apply for interest-free financing for your new bed. Invest in your sleep and your health, and get one step closer to a more energised everyday life.

💰 Cheap elevation bed

Looking for a cheap elevation bed? Then you can find a great selection of cheap elevation beds here.

This bed comes with a nice latex top mattress. Latex is a natural material that most people prefer. It is both soft and flexible.

Please note that this mattress has a firmness that is best suited if you weigh less than 85 kg.

With the purchase of this bed you get a full 5 year warranty on the motor. Buy the cheap elevation bed today and enjoy sleeping well without going broke!

🤔 Which elevation bed should I choose?

Which bed you end up choosing depends on your needs and, of course, your budget. But in general, it can be said that the bed is a bad place to save money.

After all, we spend up to 1/3 of our lives in bed, so it pays to spend a little more here. After all, starting the day with a good night's sleep feels a lot better than starting it with a sore back.

If you can like to read or watch TV in bed, you'll get great benefit from a elevation bed. If you suffer from back pain or aching legs, an elevating bed can reduce your pain.

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Elevation bed has become incredibly popular in recent years. They can be bought in many different price ranges and qualities.

Here it is important to keep in mind that just because a bed has elevation not necessarily the best bed for you.

What in the price of an elevating bed is the top mattress and the motor. The top mattress must be suitable for different levels.

Next, the engine and the size of the bed and other details also influence the the price.

Especially if you suffer from sore and swollen legs or feel bothered by your partner's snoring, you can experience a lot of pleasure from an elevating bed.

By raising the headboard slightly, the discomfort of both snoring and colds is reduced. Sore legs, perhaps water in the legs, are relieved by lying with them higher than the rest of the body, so the fluid can redistribute itself throughout the body.

This can also be solved with a pillow under the legs, but it often becomes difficult to find a good sleeping position.

You also need to know

As with everything else, an elevating bed also has its drawbacks. Of course, it's important to consider all aspects, before investing in a lift bed. For most, however, the major advantages will be outweigh the disadvantages.

  • You get more wires in bedroom and increased power consumption
  • The bed is heavy / more cumbersome to move
  • An elevation bed is often a expensive investment

You must consider before buying a lift bed

The mattress is something you should pay particular attention to when buying a lift bed.

The top mattress should be adjustable up and down, as should the mattress underneath. Consider whether you want two separate top mattresses for the double bed (often the best option), or one that's joined except for a split at the head end. With the latter option, you avoid a crack in the middle between the two mattresses, which is annoying to lie on.

The right firmness of the mattress

You should choose a mattress that suits you and your weight. Obviously, the lighter you are, the less pressure there will be on the mattress. Therefore, the mattress should be slightly softer if you weigh less than 75 kg than if you weigh more.

Choosing a mattress can be difficult if your weight is right on the limit, i.e. exactly or just around 75 kg. In this case, you should contact the store and ask for advice. Immediately they say that the mattress should be too hard, rather than too soft.