Best baby carrier | Carry your child in the best carrier

For many parents, a baby carrier is an indispensable part of their baby equipment. In a good ergonomic baby carrier, your child can sit as long as he or she wants. This leaves you free to do other things that might otherwise be difficult with a baby in your arms. You can find a wide range of good baby carriers and slings at Koala children.

Here we've taken a look at the different baby carriers available, to hopefully make it easier to find the best baby carrier for you.

Table of contents

  • The best baby carrier: ergonomic, comfortable and easy to adjust
  • These baby carriers are the best for baby
  • How to wear your baby in a baby carrier: how long and when?


Baby carrier, wrap or sling?

In recent years, stretch wraps and slings have become really popular, and for good reason. It's a cosy way to carry baby and the wrap adjusts perfectly to mum and baby's body. You can see a wide range of baby carriers and slings at Koala children.

This organic stretch wrap costs 495 kr. at Koalabørn- buy here


Ergonomic baby carrier

When finding the best baby carrier, it's a good idea to look at ergonomics first. When baby is in the carrier, she can't change position, so it's important that she's sitting correctly.

An ergonomic baby carrier supports the child from the crotch to the crotch. The knees should be positioned slightly higher than the buttocks, so that the child sits in what is called the m-position. In this way, the child is seated in a way that distributes its weight.

Carriers that are not ergonomic for the child have a narrow seat so the child sits like on a bicycle seat and the legs dangle. This position puts a strain on the child's hips. It is also uncomfortable to sit like this for long periods.

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Set the carrier correctly

When carrying, the carrier should be adjusted so that the weight is distributed on both your hips and shoulders. The best baby carriers have padded straps so they don't cut into your skin.

The baby carrier should be adjusted so that the baby sits comfortably and the wearer does not suffer from back or hip pain. Especially after pregnancy, make sure you carry correctly so you don't put undue strain on your body.

The back of the baby carrier should at least reach the armpits of the child, so that there is no risk of her falling out. As a rule, the child should sit as high as possible, as this reduces the strain on your back.

Source: the Slynge supervisor

 Best baby carrier

Here we have selected the best baby carriers. All baby carriers are ergonomically correct and can be adjusted to suit the wearer.

Ergobaby baby carrier incl. baby insert. 1.049 kr. Go to store.


  • Retailer: Pixizoo
  • Price 1.049 kr.
  • From 0 - 20 kg.
  • See product

The first baby carrier we mention is the ergobaby baby carrier. It is a very popular baby carrier that can be used from newborn up to the age of 4.

Ergobaby baby carrier has won a Norwegian test as the best baby carrier. ( The baby carrier won because of its design and good ergonomics for baby.

A newborn must sit in a baby seat to sit properly. It is included in the price. With this baby carrier you can carry the baby on your stomach, on your hip and on your back.

When your child can sit stably, you can carry on your back. You can handle more weight on your back than on your stomach, and your child won't take your view if she sits on her stomach.

The carrier is made of soft cotton that is comfortable against your and your baby's skin.

Carrycot "Birds of Paradise". 1.799 kr. Go to store.

Cybex Yemaya Baby Carrier

  • Retailer: Pixizoo
  • Price 1.799 kr.
  • From 0-12 kg.
  • See product
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Beautifully designed baby carrier for the style-conscious parent. Child sits with legs spread in ergonomically correct position.

Please note that the carrier can be used until the child weighs 12 kg. The carrier is available in several beautiful colours. The child can be carried on the stomach or hip.


Top-ergonomic baby carrier from JPMB

Ergonomic baby carrier. 1.098 kr. Go to store.

Well thought-out baby carrier from JPMB. The child sits ergonomically correct, and can sit both on the stomach and on the back, from the child is 6 months.

The design of the baby carrier is suitable for both mum and dad.

The baby carrier has an ingenious feature with a curtain that can be rolled up when it's hot. (see more here) Many children get hot quickly in a baby carrier, as they are sitting against mum or dad.

Wrap and Sling for baby

Slings are another way to carry your baby. Here you carry baby in a piece of fabric rather than a harness that you snap on. The fabric wraps around both you and baby, so baby sits comfortably.

The advantage of a wrap is that it is 100 % customisable for you and your baby. You don't have to bother with buckles and such. On the other hand, it takes a bit of practice to get the hang of it.

Stretch wrap for newborn

If you haven't tried wrapping before, a stretch wrap is a good place to start. The technique is very simple, and easy to learn.

Another advantage is that stretch wrappers are not as expensive as, for example, fixed wrappers. If you don't know if a wrap is for you, you can try it out here without spending a fortune.

The stretch wrap is made of stretchy, soft fabric that makes it super good to use for newborns. When baby starts to weigh more (around 8-10 kg), a stretch wrap no longer provides optimal support. Then you can switch to a baby carrier.

Lovely soft stretch wrap. Go to store.

Stretch wrap from Je Porte Mon Bébe

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The French brand Je Porte Mon Bébe makes really nice products, and this stretch wrap is no exception.

It is a bit more expensive than many other stretch wrappers on the market. But if you're into quality, it's a good buy.

Ring sling

Ring sling, 558 kr. Go to store.

In a ring sling, your child sits on your hip and can follow what you're doing.

This model from Je Mon Pépe is comfortable and easy to use. There are no knots or anything else you have to fuss with. A good sling for beginners.


Carrying your baby in a sling - How to do it

Carrying your baby is a wonderful way to create extra contact between parent and child. Very young children can quickly feel insecure and may not always feel comfortable lying alone in the pram. In such cases, it is both easy and practical to have a baby carrier where you can bring the baby up to you.

In the best baby carriers, you can carry for a long time without getting back or hip pain.

Baby carrier - how long?

If the child is sitting ergonomically correctly, with the legs slightly higher than the buttocks and with support from knee cap to knee cap, there is no immediate restriction on. As long as you and baby find it comfortable, you can carry as long as you like.

In a baby carrier with a narrow seat, baby should preferably not sit there for more than 20 minutes.

Baby carrier - how old?

Most baby carriers you can use for baby right away. So from newborn. Some carriers require a special baby insert for newborns to fit correctly.

Some carriers allow you to carry your child up to 20 kg (e.g. ergobaby). Check the limitation of the carrier you have.

Many children and parents enjoy being carried up to the age of 3.