The vast majority of people choose to buy a car seat with isofix when buying a new car seat. Isorfix means that the car seat is fitted directly in the car, with "hooks" attached for this purpose. The car seat is therefore very easy to install and fits well and securely

Car seat with isofix vs. a car seat with self-assembly

Isofix is statistically safer than self-assembly, as the risk of making a wrong self-assembly is very high. An Isofix installation, on the other hand, is much easier to carry out and the risk of incorrect installation is very low. However, a self-assembly car seat is not inferior to an Isofix car seat, it is just more difficult to install, with a higher risk of incorrect installation.

On this page, we've taken a look at the best car seats with isofix.

Be Safe car seat in the colour Lava Grey

Beautiful and safe car seat in a different colour. Choose from several colours here.

Set for 1.679 kr. at Pixizoo

A good and very safe car seat from the brand Lava Grey. It is a good car seat for the 0-13 kg weight category. The seat has good and wide harnesses, which feel comfortable on baby's body due to the cushions on the harnesses. This car seat appears nice and unique with its dusty color in purple. The seat is easy to carry with its ergonomic handle. You can choose from many more colours, so you can choose the look you want. The car seat with isofix is fitted rear-facing, so baby sits correctly and as safely as possible on the journey.

Maxi Cosi car seat for newborn (0-13 kg)

Maxi Cosi car seats are very safe and well tested, making them a popular choice for the youngest. This is a good bet for the best car seat with isofix. It is suitable for babies in the 0 - 13 kg weight range. Shown here in a nice, fresh colour that's nice to look at for both you and baby. However, it is also available in other colours. The seat has a baby insert, which makes it safe and comfortable for a newborn. The chair does not weigh very much, so it is quite easy to carry around if the little one falls asleep, which is a big plus for many parents. See more about the chair here.

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Cybex car seat with isofix

Ergonomic and safe car seat. Can be installed with isofix and self-assembly - choose

1.499 kr. (without isofix)

Cybex is a good and popular brand among car seats for children, both small and large. This version is very comfortable for baby due to the extra padding. In addition, the car seat is safe as it is rear-facing and has passed numerous safety tests. The harnesses are easy to adjust so baby sits comfortably but without being able to fall out of the seat. The car seat has a practical handle, so it's easy to carry when transporting baby to and from the car or if little one falls asleep. The car seat can be fitted with either isofix or harness base, which must be purchased. Cybes car seats are also available at Babyshop - click here to see selection.

Britax Römer car seat

Safe car seat with isofix OR self-assembly

1.499 kr. (excl. isofix)

Römer car seats are a good choice when you are looking for the best car seat with isofix. This model has an installed sunshade, which ensures that the child sits comfortably in the shade of the bright sun. This helps to create the most comfortable ride for both you and your baby. The car seat from Römer can be installed with a babysafe base from Britax Römer. The car seat has a harness which is easy to adjust. Römer car seats are thoroughly tested and this model has of course passed all safety tests. A good bet for the best car seat with isofix! You can also see a large selection of Britax Römer car seats at Babyshop - click here

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A car seat with isofix increases safety

Safety is the most important thing we can give to our children, which is why choosing the right car seat is also a big responsibility. One of the questions that arises when buying a car seat is whether it should be with a harness or isofix. A car seat with isofix can only be used in cars that are factory fitted with isofix seats. Two metal arms are fitted in the car, into which the car seat with isofix easily clicks, ensuring that the car seat is secured during driving and in the event of an accident. A car seat with isofix is therefore more secure in its installation than a car seat that is fastened with a harness.  


Choose the right car seat for your child

A car seat with isofix is not only the safest option, but also the easiest and quickest to install. Isofix car seats come in all sizes, so your child can be safely placed in an Isofix car seat from when they are very young until they no longer need a car seat. When choosing a car seat, make sure that it fits the child's weight, if the child is in a car seat that is either too big or too small, the safety of the seat is reduced and nasty collisions can happen.  


Advantages of a car seat with isofix

Isofix is an international safety for the child while driving. In addition, a car seat with Isofix is easy to install and if you do it wrong, you will not have any doubts, ensuring that the car seat will sit properly when you use it. Safety is at its best with an Isofix car seat because there is a permanent and strong connection between the car and the seat at all times. This also ensures that the head and neck are protected to an extensive degree, throughout the journey and in the event of a collision. If you rent a car in other countries, including the USA and Canada, the isofix function is called something else and you can therefore check before renting a car whether your car seat can be used in the car, however there is no guarantee that your EU car seat with isofix will fit in the foreign cars.

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*Recommended car seats with isofix are rated by based on external sources.

Practical accessories for the road

To make the journey as comfortable as possible for both you and your baby, we've written about a range of practical accessories that you can take along for the ride. These accessories help to make travelling with a small child easier and more manageable. Having a newborn can be stressful enough, so new parents need things to make everyday life easier.

Mirror for the car - see how baby feels in the back seat

Too many turn to look at the baby in the back seat. We want to make sure baby is comfortable, or soothe the baby who is crying. But turning away from the road is dangerous. Sitting in the passenger seat can cause a crick in the neck, while looking away from the road for even a few seconds can quickly turn into an outright dangerous situation. An extra mirror is therefore a very sensible investment.

Buy the mirror for DKK 199 at Babyshop - click here.

Sunshade for the window - create shade for the children

It gets hot quickly inside the car when the sun is out. Even with the air conditioning on, it can feel very hot and not least uncomfortable with the sun in your eyes. A sunshade for the window can therefore be a very good idea. The sunshade keeps the temperature down in the car, while preventing bright light from hitting children in the eyes. If you want extra sun protection for your baby, consider a car seat with a built-in sunscreen with sun protection factor. See examples above.

You can buy car sun visors cheap right here.