Breast cups provide easy access to the milk bar, and are a great help for mothers breastfeeding their babies. Especially if you're hungry when you're out and about, it's convenient and easy to breastfeed without the hassle. If you're going to a party or other special occasion, it's also nice to be able to dress up even if you're breastfeeding. See a large selection of nursing tops here.

Breathable clothing has many unique advantages:

  • Am discreet, and everywhere
  • It's quick and easy to feed your baby
  • Choose from very nice nursing clothes
  • Avoid exposing your stomach by pulling up your blouse

Top in fresh pink colour with discreet breast opening. The breast is accessed by pulling up the fabric in the middle of the blouse. This way you don't have to pull the whole top up, exposing your tummy. Discreet breastfeeding that you can do anywhere! Choose from many colours and patterns. Price 439 kr. Buy it here.

Cute nursing top or nursing dress

Cute summer nursing top that can also be used as a lovely dress. Perfect for when you have to breastfeed many times a day, as there is easy access to the milk bar. Available in several colours. Price 799 kr. Buy it here.

Ammetoppe for you

Are you pregnant and expecting a baby? Then it's time to buy a nursing top. The nursing top is a lightweight top with either thick or thin straps that make it comfortable for you to breastfeed your baby in discretion. The nursing top is a great complement to the nursing bra, making it easy for you to feed your baby whether you are at home or out. The nursing cap has smart features that vary from style to style, making it easy for both you and baby to get to. 


Function of the Ammetop

A nursing top is a soft and functional top that comes in a variety of styles. You can choose from tops, t-shirts and long-sleeved nursing tops, so you're covered for all seasons. For example, a nursing top can be unhooked at the strap, allowing easy and quick access for your baby, as well as allowing you to easily cover up again after breastfeeding. Some nursing tops also have a built-in bra with soft inserts to make it comfortable for you to wear. You can use a nursing top as a regular top or blouse, under your sweaters, or as a basic top for an outfit.  


Use the føbefore, during and after pregnancy

Today, maternity clothes are no longer boring, they come in fine styles both with and without a shape. The same goes for nursing tops, also known as maternity tops, as they can be worn before, during and after pregnancy. Nursing tops are not just a black or white top, but come in fine colours and shapes to suit you even while your belly is big. When the baby has arrived and you might be done breastfeeding, you can still use your nursing top, because the whole point of a nursing top is that it looks like all your other clothes and has the same function.  


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