Bathing sandals for children are designed to be worn on the beach, so baby doesn't hit the sharp rocks or get burnt on the hot sand. They're also hugely practical in swimming pools or by a pool, where a pair of sandals will give kids a better footing. Bathing sandals are made to wear on the beach, so they may get wet. For example, these swim sandals from Adidas.

Here we have taken a look at a selection of the many swim sandals available on the market and which situations they are best suited for

Before you decide which swim sandals are best for your child, it's a good idea to make sure you know where they will be used, and especially how. Overall, you should consider whether they are for indoor use, for example in a swimming pool, or for beach trips both at home and on holiday.

For use on the beach as beach shoes

If they are to be used as beach shoes, it may be a good idea to buy some with a slightly sturdier sole than the so-called bathing socks. The sole is more resistant on a beach where there are not only sharp stones but unfortunately you can also have the misfortune to come across a broken bottle, cigarette butts or a hidden barbecue that makes the sand scorch hot. Here, a beach shoe with a thick sole will effectively protect your child's foot. A good choice here could be Adidas Perfomance beach shoes as shown here:

Adidas Perfomance swim shoes

Very nice swim shoes, ideal for use on the beach. They fit well on the child's foot because of the mesh that goes all the way up around the ankle. The swim shoes are made of a quick-drying material. The sole is incredibly flexible and goes slightly up around the snout and protects it. The swim shoes cost 199 kr. right here.

If you do choose a pair of soft socks, your child will almost feel like they're walking barefoot because they're so soft and comfortable. This gives your child's foot more freedom, and they're also very easy to put on and take off. However, they can fall off a bit more easily than a proper sandal or more closed shoe with a lace, and this is especially unfortunate if the child loses the socks out at sea, where they are unlikely to be found again. Here you have to decide what suits the budget and the individual child best.

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Very soft and flexible bathing socks

Ideal for the swimming pool as they are super soft. They sit quite firmly on the foot as they go high up around the ankle. The socks are among the most popular, and cost 168 kr. right here. They are available in a wide range of colours.

Swimming shoes for the swimming pool

If you need a pair of swim shoes for the pool or swimming pool, it's a good idea to choose some of the soft swim socks. These can be worn in the water and even if they fall off, they should be easy to find again. Many of the models should fit so tightly around the ankle that they won't come off, but you'll probably have an accident now and again anyway. The socks are easy for the child to put on and take off, making them more comfortable when moving from changing room to pool. At the same time, the socks also protect against bacteria, which can cause, for example, athlete's foot or athlete's foot if you're unlucky.

Bathing shoes from Mikk-Line - the cheap solution (89 kr.)

These swim shoes are the more traditional ones, and are best suited for children aged around 4 years and up, as they can be difficult for the little ones to walk in. They're great to wear to and from the pool. They are designed to get wet, and won't feel uncomfortable to walk in even if water gets on them. They're a cheap option compared to other swim shoes, as this pair only costs £89. right here.

Award winning swim socks for baby & children

Smart bathing socks that have won the Baby Innovation Award 2015, partly because the socks stay on when the child is out bathing. So you can wear these socks in the water and they dry quickly when you get back up after swimming. The socks come in a range of sizes, so you can find the best fit for your child. Please choose a size larger than usual as they are small in size. The socks cost 168 DKK at Babygear.

Bathing shoes from småfolk - soft bathing shoes from Småfolk

These bathing shoes from Småfolk are very light, and therefore a good choice of bathing shoes for children, as it almost feels like walking barefoot. The swim shoes have a good sole that protects against hot sand or sharp stones. The sole is non-slip, so the child stays firm even if they are in a swimming pool or similar. However, the surface of the floor should not be too rough, as the sole cannot withstand this. These swim shoes are also available in pink, and can be bought here for 99 kr.

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Swimming shoes for swimming pool

Great swim shoes that are easy to put on and take off, they are soft like socks. They have small rubber studs under the sole, which make them stand really well. The bathing shoes are made to stay on the foot when the child is in the water. They give your child extra grip when walking on the floor, which is often slippery. They are very soft and made of the same quick-drying material as swimwear. They cost DKK 124 right here - choose from several colours.

Bathing shoes for children - choose from many colours

These fine swim shoes are easy to put on due to their simple design. They are perfect to wear to and from the pool in a swimming pool or at a pool. They are very lightweight and easy for children to walk in. They are also useful at the beach, where they protect the child from hot sand and stones. These are a very popular choice of beach shoes, as they cost only 128 kr. Read more and buy here.

Size of swim sandals

In fact, most swim sandals are quite small in size, so we recommend choosing one or two sizes larger than your child normally wears. However, it is always a good idea to read the size guide for each brand before buying, as this will provide more detailed information. If the swim sandals or shoes are too big, the feet will slip around in them, but conversely if they are too small, they will be uncomfortable for the child to wear. Generally speaking, you need to be more careful about sizing with a fixed shoe than when choosing a swim sock. It can be fitted more easily to the foot, especially if you choose a lace-up model. You can see more different swim shoes at Kids-World right here

You can use bathing sandals for

Swim sandals, or beach shoes as they are also called, are ideal for the beach or for use at the pool or swimming pool. Bathing sandals are made to withstand getting wet, but still stand firm. As long as you don't use the swim sandals on a very hard surface, like asphalt, they will hold up really well.

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Let the kids feel the sand between their feet too...

Although the sandals are a great safety for children and parents when the child is on the beach, it is also a good idea to take them off once in a while. Feeling the sand between your toes and the cold water is a great sensory experience for your child. If you are in an area without large stones or other hazards, it is a good idea to let your child take off their shoes and run around without them.

Get ready for holiday, beach & pool with swim sandals

Swim sandals for children are both stylish and practical to take to the swimming pool or the beach. Children can wear the sandals even when they are out in the water, and they will walk more safely over rocks and seaweed, with less risk of falling or stepping on a rock. The best of the sandals are made to be used on uneven and wet terrain, so children can easily wear them for swimming. Here, however, it is important to choose a pair that fits snugly on the foot. Unfortunately, Danish beaches are not always clean and white, but full of stones, jellyfish and seaweed. It all adds to the experience for children, but a pair of bathing sandals can help them avoid getting hurt on a rock or similar. However, bathing shoes are also very useful on holidays, when the sand can be hot and you're often on the beach for days at a time, which can quickly get annoying with a sore foot.

Travelling with baby?

If you're travelling with baby, the swim sandals are definitely a good thing to have in your bag. If your baby steps on something sharp on the beach and has a bad experience, it could affect the rest of your holiday. That's why bathing sandals are a good idea to have with you, especially when you're in a foreign place and might not be familiar with the "beach culture". Unfortunately, in some places you will find broken glass or cigarette butts in the white sand, which you don't want your children to step on.

Before you go travelling with your baby, maybe for the first time, there are a lot of things that are good to have with you. See a great list here, with practical things you can bring.