Lidl is also on the bandwagon of free baby starter packs for mums-to-be. If you want to get your hands on a starter pack for your baby from Lidl, register via the link below. You will then receive an SMS with a link, which you must first click on when you reach the checkout. You will then receive a bag with products for the first time as a new parent, so that you can try out and compare the different products on the market.

If you want to order the baby starter pack from Lidl, you can find the link further down the page.

Are you curious to find out what's in the baby starter pack from Lidl? We describe the contents and then give our assessment of the baby pack. Read on below.


Newborn diapers from Toujours

Newborn diapers from Toujours, which is the diaper brand Lidl sells. The pack of nappies is in a size 2 and corresponds to 3-6 kg. There are 34 pieces of diapers intended for both day and night. The nappies are Swan-labelled and developed in cooperation with the Asthma Allergy Association. The diapers from Lidl are also latex-free, they are thin and therefore comfortable, they are breathable and also super good for sensitive skin.

Shampoo from Sensitive Kids

2 shampoos from Sensitive Kids with 20 ml. in each tube. It is shampoo without perfume and dyes. At the same time, the shampoo is Swan-labelled and developed in cooperation with the Asthma Allergy Association. This shampoo is intended for all hair types.

Body lotion from Sensitive Kids

1 Sensitive Kids body lotion with 20 ml. The body lotion is without perfume and dyes. It is also Swan-labelled and developed in collaboration with the Asthma Allergy Association. This body lotion is suitable for all skin types.

Bodystocking from Lupilu

Super cute Lupilu bodystocking in 100% organic cotton with long sleeves in size 62/68. The bodystocking is in creamy white with a small logo at the chest of a brown bear. The bodystocking is sewn so that it easily adapts to the child without the use of buttons at the neck/shoulders while being in delicious quality and very stretchable. It is a unisex model suitable for all seasons.

The Lidl Baby Pack can be ordered via the link below and can be picked up at your local Lidl store once you have received a confirmation SMS.

(Remember that you must first click on the link in the SMS when you are at the checkout in the store)

Our assessment of the Lidl baby pack

The Lidl baby pack contains good and basic products for the first time with baby, such as nappies, wipes, shampoo and cream. With the Lidl starter pack, you get to try out the classic products. There is nothing unexpected in the baby pack as such, but Lidl stands out a bit (like Rema1000) in that the pack contains a product specifically for baby. In this baby pack, it's a bodysuit that baby is sure to enjoy, whether it's a boy or girl you're expecting.

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