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Populære drengenavne i Tyskland

I Tyskland er de mest populære drengenavne Maximilian, Alexander, Paul, Leon, Jonas, Lukas, Elias, Noah, Felix, Leon, Jakob, Luca, Erik, Benjamin, Tim, Finn, Liam, Moritz, Anton, Henry og Emil. Disse navne er forbundet med styrke, dynamik, selvstændighed og styrke. De er også associeret med klassiske traditioner, som stadig lever stærkt blandt tyskerne. Maximilian er et […]

An unconventional child savings

If you have recently become a parent, it is clear that there are many things you need to take care of. Not only do you need to meet your baby's needs right now, but it can also be great to think further ahead. This is, of course, where child savings come in.

Best running bike for kids

A racing bike is a great way to start your cycling career. In this article, we've taken a look at the best road bikes for kids. Also read about which bike is right for your child's age. Before buying a treadmill, however, there are several things to consider. Read more about this below.

After giving birth - back on the bike

After giving birth, the project of getting back into shape is something that is close to most new mothers' hearts. Active exercise after childbirth can involve anything from walking and stretching to cycling indoors or outdoors. Depending on how your birth went, you may need to make adjustments to [...]

Great deals on beds online

Need a good night's sleep? Then maybe it's time to replace your bed. Here you can easily find the best bed deals online! We only send you to the best Danish webshops, all of which sell quality beds. Remember that the best beds go first, and especially when [...]

Baby Shower Gift Ideas | Good Gifts for Baby

Looking for baby shower gifts? Here we have collected a lot of ideas for inspiration. Find the best baby shower gift for a nice day! On this page you will find a list of the best baby shower gifts so you can have a really nice day with your pregnant friend, daughter, or whoever [...]

Skoringen - NEW

The Skoring baby package has a value of 500 kr.! To receive the package, simply fill in the order form and pay 50 kr. You will be notified as soon as the package can be picked up at your local Skoringen store. The delicious baby package contains: 1 pram bag that can fit on the pram handlebar 1 lovely, soft bib 1 imprint set to create memories with [...]

Loans for pushchairs, car seats and other baby equipment

Below you will find a list of popular providers of consumer loans. If you're looking for a guide to buying a pushchair, you can find it here. Having a baby is expensive, and there are a lot of initial costs for a pushchair, car seat, cot, high chair and lots of other baby equipment. Below you will find a collection of consumer loans [...]

When does baby play with toys

Baby plays throughout his childhood, but of course there is a big difference in how play is, and the question of when baby plays with toys, therefore depends largely on what toys you have in mind. In the very first weeks, the most important thing is really parental closeness. But already after a few weeks, [...]

Bouncy cows and other fun bouncy animals - Great toys!

Looking for a great birthday present or similar for a 2 year old, or do you have a 2 year old who doesn't own a bouncy castle, take a look at these fun bouncy castles. The bouncy house is a huge hit when your child is about 2 years old until about 4 years old. Back in the 80s and 90s [...]

Best wooden trolley

A towbar is a great way to transport your children and all the many things you want to take with you on your travels. In this post, we take a look at some of the best wooden and metal pull carts. A wooden pull cart is a great way to get to the playground or when [...]

Books for children | Why you should read to your child

Reading books is one of the best and most enjoyable things you can do with your child. In fact, reading aloud can give your child the best conditions for good language. Read why here. The world is made up of words, and when we can express ourselves clearly and with nuance, we are more easily understood [...]

Outdoor baby swing - 3 of the best baby swings

A baby swing can be one of the most fun things for a little boy or girl. We can therefore strongly recommend a good outdoor wooden baby swing for baby! In fact, it's an almost indispensable outdoor toy for the garden once you've seen how much fun a baby swing is for little ones. You [...]

Sandbox table - Picnic table with built-in sandbox is a hit

Playing with sand is fun, no doubt about it! A sandbox table can be the perfect place for your little golden nuggets to play with sand. They're not sitting down on the ground, but on a bench, and even better, the sandbox isn't just a box in the corner when it's covered up, [...]