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Rainy weather activities for children

Find ideas for fun rainy day activities for kids on this page! It's not always sunny and beachy in the Danish summer, but fortunately rain is no reason to be bored. While the rain beats on the windows, there are plenty of things you can do together as a family. Get lots of great ideas here. [...]

How to teach baby to fall asleep yourself

Get sleep coach Jeanette's best advice for getting baby to sleep even without screaming. Once you've taught baby to fall asleep on his own, you can say goodbye to hours of rocking in your tired arms, or miles of stroller rides. Learning to fall asleep by yourself doesn't have to [...]

Help your baby through the summer

Summer can be tough on young and old alike. But little ones can especially struggle with the heat because they have a harder time figuring out how to regulate their body temperature on their own. Read on to find out how to help your child through the hot summer. Although summer is wonderful with its hot [...]

How to sleep well in the heat

While we can enjoy the summer days with beach trips, ice cream and holidays, the nights can be hard to get through. Here's advice on how to sleep well at night, despite the hot weather. Many people find it hard to sleep well when it's hot at night. This is partly because the body prefers [...]

Good ideas for a car holiday with children

If you're going on a driving holiday with the kids, there are bound to be a lot of questions. How will you entertain the kids in the car? And how do you have a nice ride while you are driving down the German autobahn or wherever you are going? Read on to get ready for this year's car holiday with kids. [...]

Discover Denmark on two wheels! Go on a cycling holiday in Denmark

Have you thought about taking the whole family on a cycling trip in Denmark? It's a great and very cheap form of holiday - and it hardly gets any more climate-friendly, which is a plus for most. Here you can find good and useful information to help you find more information about your cycling holiday. Depending on where [...]

All about chickenpox + essential home remedies against chickenpox

When you suddenly spot the little red cups, you realise: Your child has chickenpox! Read here how to help your child through the illness with home remedies against chickenpox and find out when the little one can go back to school. Chickenpox is characterised by small, red pocks [...]

Cheap play kitchen & things for play kitchen

Looking for a cheap play kitchen and fun things for the play kitchen? Then you will find the best prices and qualities of play kitchens in various online stores. From this page, we have highlighted the best play kitchens at reasonable prices. A toy kitchen for kids is probably one of the most popular pieces of toys. Here, children can imitate [...]

Cheap high chair for baby

A good and inexpensive high chair baby is necessary when the little one to sit at the table. There are many models on the market, and fortunately the most expensive are not always the best. Here we take a look at cheap high chairs for baby. Most people can agree that babies and children generally don't [...]

Cradle for changing table or playpen

A crib or playpen crib looks cute and decorative, and gives baby something exciting to look at. Today, there are a myriad of beautiful changing table armchairs, so you're sure to find one that's perfect for you and your baby. On this page, we've collected [...]

Children's bike 4 - 5 years

It's time for a children's bike 4 - 5 years old, when the running bike may be getting too small or your child needs an extra challenge. A 4-year-old child's bike is a great mode of transport and can later be used to get to and from school and the day-care centre. Take a look here and find the right bike for [...]

Children's bike 2 - 3 years

Is your child getting his first child's bike at 2 or 3 years old ? It's a good age to introduce the first real bike with pedals. Here we have taken a look at the different types of children's bikes 2 - 3 years and what you should think about before buying. When choosing a [...]

Best tablet for kids | See the best kids tablet

Looking for a good, kid-friendly tablet for kids? Then take a look here at what you need to consider before buying a new tablet for your children to use. A tablet for children has become a popular gift for children in recent years. We live in a time [...]

Electric car | Best electric car for kids!

Is it any cooler for a little boy or girl to whizz around in their very own electric car? No, right? Electric cars have become a more common sight in gardens in recent years, with children howling with delight as the car speeds along. The range of electric cars is now vast and you're sure to find one that [...]

List of big sister gift or big brother gift

Mark a huge milestone in life with a big sister gift or a big brother gift. Having a sibling is both a gift, but it can also be hard on the big one who now has to share mom and dad's attention. With a gift for a big brother or sister, you'll make the transition easier and the big one will be beaming with pride. [...]

Best bedside crib baby bed

A bedside crib makes it easy to co-sleep with your little one. Baby is safe and secure in his own bed, yet close to mum, making it much easier to breastfeed and listen to baby at night. Here we take a look at the market's many retailers of bedside crib baby beds, and [...]

Rocking stand with play tower

With a swing set with a play tower in the garden, the children will never get bored. When investing in one, it's important to think about safety and not least that it's easy to assemble. Here you will find different swing sets with play tower that are also affordable. On this page, [...]

Father's Day gift from baby - lots of ideas here

Are you looking for a Father's Day gift from baby that might be a little more exciting than the classic coffee mug that says "Dad? "It's Father's Day on 5 June 2019, so read on to find the perfect Father's Day gift to surprise the man in your family with. The story of Father's Day [...]

Box mattress 120×200|Find your new box mattress here

A box mattress 120 x 200 cm is one of the most popular beds in the Danish country. They are also called a bed of one and a half, and have the advantage of not taking up nearly as much space as a 180 x 200 cm bed. Read on to find out more before you buy your new bed. Although you should be prepared to lie a bit close in a box mattress [...]

Best sofa bed with chaise longue

Looking for the best sofa bed with chaise longue? Then you've come to the right place. Here we take a look at the many sofa beds with chaise lounges on the market. It's not always a good idea to choose the cheapest sofa bed you can find, as you may end up not getting much for your money. Read along [...]

What is a continental bed?

If you're considering a new bed, you might have thought: What is a continental bed? You can find the answer to that question on this page. A continental bed differs significantly from ordinary box mattresses because it has three layers. This is precisely what makes it one of the most popular and best beds. Be [...]

Cheap elevation bed on offer

Are you considering a new bed, which may well be a cheap elevating bed on offer? Then you've come to the right place. Here we take a look at the cheapest beds on the market, but still in good quality, so you get a lot for your money. Read on and find your new lift bed on offer today [...]

Advice for better sleep: giant sleep guide

Get concrete advice for better sleep here. Did you know that our sleep affects almost every aspect of our lives? From our weight to our relationships and our risk of developing diseases like cancer and depression. There are many reasons to take action if you're sleeping badly! Read [...]