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Fun outdoor toys for kids

Children love to be outside playing with outdoor toys. These can be smaller outdoor toys like games, balls or sandbox toys that can be used for many hours of fun. If you have a large garden, you can have some of the bigger outdoor toys like bouncy castles, sandboxes or trampolines. Table of Contents Click to [...]

Accessories for breastfeeding and bottle: Everything you need!

Review your breastfeeding accessories even before birth to make sure you have everything you need when baby arrives. If you've already given birth, review the list and see if there are any breastfeeding accessories you're missing. Down the page you'll also find the best feeding bottles, as well as accessories for when you [...]

Motor toys for baby: toys that develop your baby

Motor toys for baby develop and stimulate baby's senses. Colourful motor toys stimulate the sense of sight. Different materials stimulate the sense of touch and teach your baby about his own body. When the senses are stimulated, your baby's sense of balance develops. It is balance that allows him or her to learn to crawl, crawl and walk without falling on his or her tail too [...]

Play blanket for baby: the best play blankets

A play mat for baby is indispensable. Babies don't have to be very old before they need to get down on the floor, lie on their tummies and play while trying to move forward. Babies love looking at toys in lots of bright colours, and exploring the toys with their hands. See the range of great play rugs [...]

Baby starter kits with clothes!

When you're about to become parents, you'll naturally need to buy clothes for your little one. But it can be difficult to know how much clothing to buy. Many parents find it convenient to buy everything together in a baby starter pack of clothes. Then you have everything you need for the first few months. [...]

Playground: decorate a cosy and safe playground

Baby's changing area is a place where you spend many hours together. Here you can find ideas and inspiration on how to create a safe and cosy changing area. Baby changing area decor should include: click on the points to read more. Changing table Changing table chest Changing pad Changing area scrub base Diapers Diaper pail and diaper bags Washing dish Towels and creams Cloth nappies Changing area [...]

How much clothing should baby wear in the pram?

In Denmark, babies are put outside and most love it. To get the best sleep, baby needs to be properly clothed in the pram. Most parents have asked themselves: How much clothing should baby wear in the pram? The amount of clothing baby needs to wear in the pram varies depending on the season. [...]

Buy the best car seat

Car Seat Guide When it comes to choosing which car seat you think is the best, it's one of the purchases that requires the most research. Firstly, it's a lot of money to invest. Most car seats range in price from a few thousand up to 5,000 DKK. Secondly, [...]