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Halloween costumes - Halloween costumes for children

Halloween is celebrated on All Hallows' Eve, 31 October. In Denmark, more and more amusement parks and shops are celebrating Halloween over a longer period in October. Children can be inspired by the beautiful yet spooky decorations, cool toys and costumes. This is especially [...]

Baby bedding - Stylish bedding for the little ones

When your little one is born, soft baby bedding is the best. You can wrap your little one up safely and comfortably with a clear conscience. Baby bedding comes in many different qualities. Many bedding sets are now made from organic cotton, which is free from chemicals. It's nice to [...]

Lunchbox | The best lunchboxes for kids

In some municipalities, children have to bring their own packed lunch when they start school, whether it's a day nursery, crèche or kindergarten. A lunchbox is therefore super practical because it keeps food fresh until it is time to eat it. Some lunchboxes are available with several compartments, so that the food [...]

Haba Toys - Popular wooden toys for children

The German toy brand Haba produces wooden toys of good quality and which are among the best on the market. Haba is particularly known for designing toys that are suitable for the age of the child and that also help to support the development of the child's play. All the toys have a super nice and colourful design with great details. Haba [...]

Design Letters - Dining sets, toys and interiors in Danish design

The entire collection behind Design Letters has become incredibly popular among Danish families with children. The collection is constantly expanding, but includes dining sets, toys and interiors. The so-called dining sets have become a classic and are on many people's wish lists for christenings and birthdays. The entire Design Letters collection is of very fine quality and incredibly durable for the little ones. [...]

Sistema - Food boxes, drinking cans and storage

Sistema products have become super popular, especially with families with children. With the wide range of products, it is possible to have food and drinks stored in a tight packaging that can easily be taken on the road, to kindergarten, to school, to work or to the freezer. For the little ones, the [...]

bObles - Tumbling furniture for children that strengthens motor skills and balance

The fantastic tumbling furniture from bObles has become a sure hit in the homes of many families with children. The tumbling furniture is multifunctional and is shaped in a simple geometric design that resembles sculptural animals. The furniture has both a seating and creative play function. They can be used alone or combined with some of the other bObles, so there is plenty [...]

Puzzle games kids - The best puzzle games from 1 year

Puzzles for children come in many different varieties. When little ones go from being babies to toddlers around the age of 1, some children may start to be introduced to beginner puzzles, the so-called budding puzzles. The genius of puzzles is that they are toys that challenge the child's fine motor skills and creative sense, but at the same time they [...]

Disney Frost - The best toys with Anna and Elsa

The famous Disney classic Frost with the characters Elsa, Anna and Olaf has long been a huge hit with many children. Today, you can get all kinds of merchandise from the film, such as furniture, toys and equipment. So if you're looking for a birthday or Christmas present, you'll find plenty of inspiration here [...]

Jellycat - The cutest Jellycat teddy bears

The Jellycat range of luxury soft toys has become a hit with children of all ages in record time. Initially, there was a lot of focus on the classic Jellycat rabbits in different sizes and colours. Later, countless stuffed animals with incredibly beautiful and realistic expressions joined the Jellycat series. The Jellycat stuffed animals are known [...]

By KlipKlap - Great furniture for the children's room

By Klipklap furniture and especially the popular folding mattresses have become a classic among Danish families. The great interest is mainly due to the fact that the furniture is both smart where it works within the Nordic trends and at the same time is particularly robust for the dear little ones. By Klipklap has become part of the decor in Danish homes since [...]

Lots of great Christmas gifts for baby 2018

If you're struggling to find just the right Christmas gift for baby, we've rounded up 10 great Christmas gift ideas for this year. That means you can get inspired to find just the right Christmas gift that will really excite. We come up with Christmas gift ideas for baby that can be both fun and educational at [...]

Playmobil - The best toys from Playmobil

Playmobil is a classic toy with characters, houses, vehicles and universes for both girls and boys. There is a wide range of Playmobil toys, where only the imagination sets the limit for the adventure that begins. It is possible to go on Noah's Ark, play pirate on the great pirate ship, go on a magical adventure with princes [...]

Slippers children - Find the best slippers

Slippers for children can be a good investment, whether they've started to take their first steps, are still crawling or are just lying on the play mat. Baby slippers are usually soleless, as they are just there to keep your feet warm. Children's slippers are available with a hard or soft sole, with a non-slip sole or [...]

Baby towel - Delicious towels/bath towels for baby

A baby towel can be super handy when your little one has been in the bath, as it's the right size for baby to wrap up in and avoid getting cold. Some baby towels even come with a hood so the whole body can be wrapped up snugly. There are different designs so just [...]

Oball - Good stimulating toys for baby

The Oball toy brand has become a classic in baby toys. Oball is made in a simple but colourful design. The toys help to both entertain and stimulate the senses of younger children. Oball is designed so that it is easy for the child to hold on to the toy and thereby practise the grasping complex. Within the range there are both [...]

Bedspread - Find a nice bedspread for your child's room

A bed canopy for the children's room can be ideal in several ways. It can help to create security for the child, but also provide peace and cosiness. How parents choose to integrate a bed canopy varies. Some choose to hang it above the bed so that it becomes part of the sleeping area and can thus create [...]