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Rare baby names 2019

If you're looking for rare baby names, this is the place. We've put together a list of boys' and girls' names to inspire you. See them further down the page. Over the past 10 years or so, we've started to crave more and more unique baby names, the ones [...]

The good delivery: kindergarten

The transition from nursery to kindergarten can be difficult. Naming changes and suddenly the child is again the smallest where the child in the nursery was the oldest. We guide you to the best start in nursery.

You must have a little brother or sister!

Prepare your baby for its arrival in the best possible way with books on pregnancy written for children. Find lots of inspiration here. Find all the books at Saxo.com Mummy has a baby inside by Lars Daneskov This picture book is fun illustrated and easy to understand for children aged 3 and up. Here the child gets a [...]

Baby smoothies - sweets in disguise

The supermarket shelves are full of colourful smoothies for babies. It started small a few years ago. Semper entered the baby market with smoothies that could be taken on the go. We asked food expert Michael René for advice on a healthier option than pre-made smoothies - he has and he [...]

Children and grief

It happens in most families that at some point you lose someone close. It's one thing to deal with your own grief, it's another to have to deal with your children's grief at the same time. Here we give you some tips for working with children's grief, aged 0-6, when they lose someone [...]

Children's economy

Today's parents and grandparents have become good at giving children everything they want. But is this really a good thing for children's financial sense? Whether we're approaching Christmas, a birthday or just an ordinary day, we often want to do everything we can to fulfil our children's wishes. They can get new [...]

Outdoor play: the children's kitchen garden

Where do the carrots come from? How do we get tomatoes? It can be hard for children to understand that things don't just come from the supermarket, when that's where we usually buy things from. So how about making a little kitchen garden with the kids?

Help - I'm going to be a dad apps!

Find the best dad apps here. If you're going to be a dad, you need a dad app! It's really necessary - or at least it's nice. There aren't many apps for dads-to-be or new dads that are in English. In fact, we could only find one Danish app. But luckily [...]

Help - I'm going to be a dad books!

Find the best dad books here. It may be planned and it may come as a total surprise - either way, the run-up to becoming a dad for the first time can be very diffuse. We'll help you on your way, with books that can give you a better insight into the time ahead. Pregnancy calendar [...]

Arp - what is arp?

You've noticed something strange in your baby's scalp - what is it? At the next visit from the health visitor, you ask and get the answer "it's a scar". She gives you some good advice. But what is scab and why does it happen?

Let your children play with the economy

It can be frustrating as a parent not to have cash on you when you want to give pocket money or similar. But there is a solution for the cashless family. As a parent, you want to give your child the best tools to do the best job possible in the future. But it can be hard to [...]

Legacy racks

Spring is (hopefully) on its way. That means a lot of lovely outdoor hours and of course that requires something for the kids to play with. So how about getting a play structure built?

Audio books for children

Reading a good book can be incredibly relaxing for children and provides different stimuli to watching TV. So how about investing in a subscription to a place with audio books for the little ones? There are various apps with audio books, some are filled with both audio books for [...]

Experiences in the winter holidays 2019

The winter holidays are upon us - and if you're not planning to spend your holiday in the Alps or on the beach, here are some tips to make the most of your time in Denmark. You're going on a winter holiday with the kids, but you don't have any plans yet. You know the kids aren't [...]

Get outside in the cold

You're probably one of many people who prefer to stay indoors when the cold is over Denmark. But a fire pit is one way to make the outdoors a little cosier, for young and old alike. Of course, this is most optimal if you live near some nature where a fire pit is set up or if [...]

Oh no - LUS!

Your hair is tingling. What do you do when you're suddenly faced with light, either at your place or at the kids'? We give you tips to get rid of the little crinkles and prevent them from coming back. Maybe it's the first time you've experienced it or you may have [...]

Strengthen your child's language

Language is a big part of our everyday lives and your child's world too. If your child is already behind in language from nursery age, your child will be behind in language for the rest of their life. Here we give you some advice on how to strengthen your child's language. Your child's language has a natural development if [...]

Baby's first Christmas

Lots of people and a little creature that doesn't understand what Christmas is. Big family gatherings at Christmas time can make most new parents sweat. Here's some advice on how to get through Christmas so it's a good experience for everyone. Here are easy and useful tips that can be [...]

Lucia Day 13 December - bake your own Lucia bread

Today is Lucia Day, 13 December. The day when Lucia parades are held in workplaces, schools and institutions. Maybe you'll see your child go to the Lucia parade or maybe you'll go together to see it somewhere else, like the local centre or something similar. In many places it is a [...]

Are you taking good care of your child's skin?

Did you know that 10,000 Danes are diagnosed with contact allergy every year? These include young children, adolescents, women and men. Contact allergy does not belong to a particular age group or gender. Contact allergy can affect anyone, young or old. Unfortunately, more and more children are starting to suffer from contact allergies. If your child has [...]

Have we forgotten Dad?

Most places cater primarily to mother and child, because it has typically been the mother's dare to take maternity leave. But this is changing - dad is coming on board and this needs to be appreciated too. Read below for tips on activities between father and child. Dad has for centuries [...]