Breastwear plus sizes | Find the best breastwear plus sizes

After pregnancy, many women understandably have a little extra on their side. That's why many are looking for breastfeeding clothes in large sizes. Here we have listed the best breastfeeding clothes in large sizes, as well as where you can buy them. 

Nursing clothes make breastfeeding easier, faster and more discreet. The Ammet Clothes have a nursing opening that makes it easy to breastfeed without having to pull up your blouse first.

When you need to find the best breastfeeding clothes, it is recommended to start looking online. Not many physical stores carry breastfeeding clothes. Those that do, don't have a very large selection. Therefore, it can be difficult to find nice breastfeeding clothes. Especially if you are looking for breastwear in large sizes.

Women's clothing: Large sizes

A good place to look for breastfeeding clothes in large sizes is Milker breastfeeding clothes. Here, sizes go all the way up to XXL. It is an online webshop that specialises in breastfeeding and maternity clothes. At Milker you can find nice nursing clothes in many colours, models and types. There is a large selection of nursing blouses, nursing dresses and nursing tops.

If you're not sure which size fits, Milker will exchange them for free if you need one of the smaller or larger sizes.

Milker breastfeeding clothes are not necessarily the cheapest breastfeeding clothes. On the other hand, you get nice nursing clothes of really good quality, where thought has gone into the details. Sizes go all the way up to XXL, so you'll find a great selection of breastfeeding clothes in large sizes.

Go to the Milker webshop here. 


Loose nursing blouse that's perfect for big girls. 529 kr. Buy it here.

Perfect nursing blouse with a lot of width. It is large in size, so it is a good choice for breastfeeding clothes in large size. Price 524 kr. Buy it here.

Super nice nursing dress with lots of width for big girls. Choose from a lack of great colours and patterns. Price 769 kr. Buy it here.


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Women's clothing: plus sizes - Clothes for mom body

All women who have undergone pregnancy and childbirth can sign that their body has changed. At the beginning of pregnancy, many suffer from nausea, and later on they may have an increased appetite. This is all with good reason - after all, there's a little baby living in your tummy who needs plenty of nourishment to grow big.

After giving birth, when you look in the mirror, it's definitely not the same reflection as before pregnancy. That's why many people look for breastfeeding clothes - large sizes that they can use when breastfeeding their baby.

Breathable clothing has many unique advantages:

  • Am discreet, and everywhere
  • It's quick and easy to feed your baby
  • Choose from very nice nursing clothes
  • Avoid exposing your stomach by pulling up your blouse
  • Buy breastwear in plus sizes

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