If you're looking for inspiration from exciting bloggers, here are some inspiring bloggers and Instagram profiles sharing their lives as mums. What they all have in common is that they have children, and write about their lives as mothers and all the challenges and joys that come with it.

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Geggo's World

Followers on Instagram (approximately): 464,000

Stephanie is the mother of Alba and engaged to Gengiz. She has more than 464,000 followers on Instagram, making her the blogger with the most followers that we've mentioned here. Geggo is best known for her appearance on the reality show "Familien fra Bryggen", and has also appeared on "Divas in the Jungle" and "A Tonne of Cash". Stephanie is a trained pole dancing instructor, and currently owns the beauty salon La´Lotus. The blog takes the reader on a journey where you are introduced to family life, travel, special events, but also ordinary posts with questions that a mother in today's Denmark would want to write about. Stephanie's blog is truly inspiring, and you feel that the topics covered can easily be related to your own everyday life.

Masha Vang

Followers on Instagram (approximately): 191,000

Mascha is the mother of Hollie Nolia. She is a blogger with over 191,000 followers on Instagram, founder of the blog community Blogly.dk, TV personality, author and she has developed her own self-tanner range for pure body pampering. Masha's blog features fashion, beauty, training, food recipes, events and of course adventures with her daughter Hollie Nolia. As a reader, you get an insight into what everyday life brings for the little family. You will be inspired on a professional level, but also in loving and humorous moments.

Amalie Szigethy

Followers on Instagram (approximately): 190.000

Amalie is the mother of Josephine. She is a blogger with over 190,000 followers on Instagram and has appeared in "Paradise Hotel", "Amalies Verden" and "Forside Fruer". Amalie's blog features the wonderful moments with her daughter Josephine, but also challenges and experiences as a single mother. Amalie has a flair for fashion whether it is in clothing for children, women or focusing on home decor. Through the blog and on instagram, readers can get great inspiration and at the same time get an insight into a loving mother-daughter life.

Irina The Diva

Followers on Instagram (approximately): 138,000

Irina Olsen is the mother of Allessia and the boyfriend of DJ Morten Faustix. She is a blogger with over 138,000 followers on Instagram, and a TV diva from several TV shows. Among others "Fristet", "Divas in the jungle" and "Me and my mother". In collaboration with DuffLashes, Irina has designed her own lash collection with 3 different styles. Her blog features the honest everyday life of a mother, but also inspiring posts on fashion, beauty and food recipes. Readers get an insight into how loving and caring a mother she is, but also within the various events that occupy Irina, where she happily shares tips and great ideas within the beauty category in particular.

Anna Due

Followers on Instagram (approximately): 133,000

Anna Due is the mother of Villian. She has appeared in "Paradise Hotel" and "Et Ton Cash" and is a blogger with over 133,000 followers on Instagram. The blog she started back in 2014 is based on Anna's life as a young mother, fashion, beauty, food recipes and generally just everyday challenges and experiences. On the blog you can read what Anna stands for and you get an in-depth look into a daily life that all mothers can relate to.

Sarah Louise

Followers on Instagram (approximately): 100.000

Sarah Louise is the mother of Albert, Alma and Arthur. She has appeared in "Front Page Wives" and is a very popular blogger with over 100,000 followers on Instagram. Sarah Louise has won the award for best blog about family life 2016. She has a flair for fashion for both children and adults, and in 2017 designed her own school line behind the brand Sapprocher. The blog gives an honest insight into the common everyday challenges faced when combining children, career and household chores. It's exciting to read the blog because Sarah shares present moments that offer both experiences and challenges, but also a lot of love and humour.

Camilla Framnes

Followers on Instagram (approximately): 69,600

Camilla is the mother of Oliver, Sebastian and Victor. She is married to Kevin and also has a bonus daughter Amalie. Camilla has her own blog, and over 69,000 followers on Instagram. She is a lecturer, ambassador for the portal Fitall.dk, writer, trained office assistant and has appeared in several seasons of "De unge mødre" on Channel 4. Camilla's blog is mainly about family life, events, training and food recipes with a focus on a healthier lifestyle. As a reader you are taken on a personal journey and you get a clear impression of how loving, caring and fun a mother/career woman she is.

We asked Camilla why she started blogging and what she wants her readers to get out of it.

"I started blogging as my own space to write "diary". I love to share experiences and my everyday life. That way, the interest started to grow because there was someone on the other side of the screen who could use my "diary". It made sense to me to share my life and my choices about family life, sharing children, bonus daughter, weight loss and experiences - well there were no limits. Suddenly it made sense to others too, because they follow along, and the idea that someone is inspired by me is a real warmth inside. 

I hope all the amazing followers and readers I have find it interesting and maybe even get inspired themselves, whether it's family life, weight loss or something else entirely. 

I am deeply grateful to all those who follow, it warms my heart, SO many thanks to you. "

Tina Lund

Followers on Instagram (approximately): 62,200

Tina is the mother of Louis and Lilly, and married to former professional footballer Allan Nielsen. Tina lives in Dubai where she works with horses. Here she teaches, trains and rides competitions on various horses. She is a blogger with over 62,000 followers on Instagram, is the author of two books, has produced 4 DVDs around her equine passion, and has appeared on the TV programmes "Vild med dans" and "Forside Fruer". Tina has even designed a jewellery line in collaboration with Mai Manniche called "HORSES FOR LUCK". Tina's blog takes readers on a journey seen from the outside - an everyday life with children, the challenges and experiences of living in Dubai, a career insight and the various collaborative projects she is continuously involved in. The blog helps to give a personal and honest impression of how life as a mother and career woman can be combined in the best possible way.

Asked why Tina started her blog, she replies:

I started my blog because there are always so many people who want to know more about my life as a woman and mother in Dubai 🙂

Gunnvør | Mama Gun Pilates

Followers on Instagram (approximately): 49,100

Gunnvør is the mother of Sigga, Hanna and Hugo. She is a blogger with over 49,000 followers on Instagram, appeared in the TV show "Forside Fruer", owner of MAMAGUN pilates and trained as a pilates and reformer instructor as well as Cand.comm. Gunnvør is a Save the Children Ambassador and also has her own webshop called Spoilmommy, where it is possible to buy care products, clothes and accessories for women. The blog is based on her passion for pilates. You can read about specific classes that Gunnvør offers in areas such as injuries, pregnancy, postpartum and pilates with tools. On Gunnvør's instagram profile the reader gets a more private insight into how to combine everyday life with children, leisure and business. On the profile there is also lots of lovely babyspam, as Gunnvør's youngest child is 6 months old.

We asked Gunnvør why she started blogging and what she wants her readers to get out of following her. Gunvør answers:

As a mother of three, I take close to half a million pictures of my kids every day, and it's nice to be able to share those pictures with someone other than dad. It's really nice, actually. I'm assuming it's mainly mothers who follow me, and I hope they can all see the different situations you face as a mother. I like to take good pictures, but you won't find a wildly edited reality on my instagram, so the pictures are real without the use of beautycam etc. I love color, so I use lots of filters 🙂

Ditte Julie Jensen

Followers on Instagram (approximately): 44,600

Ditte is the mother of Karla and Albert and married to Marck. She is a full-time blogger with over 44,000 followers on Instagram, a cake book author, a cake writer, a lecturer, a baking teacher, an entrepreneur and has appeared on "Bagedysten" on DR1. Ditte is also an ambassador for Børns Vilkår. The blog focuses on Ditte's personal art of baking, and offers readers delicious recipes as well as thoughts and ideas behind each piece of art. On Ditte's Instagram profile you can also follow her family life, hobbies, career and ideas for different recipes. As a follower and reader, you get an honest impression of who Ditte is as a person. She has her feet firmly planted on the ground, which gives a fresh input and inspiration to one's own everyday life.

We asked Ditte why she started blogging and what she wants her readers to get out of following her. Ditte answers:

I started blogging because I wanted my own voice in the Baking Contest. I wanted to let the viewers in behind my cakes. The thoughts behind, and why, I had made this particular cake - you don't get that much time on TV. Then it was a desire and my passion for the cakes that I could share with everyone else, and slowly my blog has become ME. Everything from cakes, the mother role, the career woman, ideas and thoughts - but still mostly cake. I want people to be inspired, to dare to believe in themselves and their dreams a little more, whatever they may be. Because the cakes helped me do that! Just want to create a warm, honest and real universe of ME 🙂