If you're struggling to find just the right Christmas gift for baby, we've rounded up 10 great Christmas gift ideas for this year. That means you can get inspired to find just the right Christmas gift that will really excite. We come up with Christmas gift ideas for baby that can be both fun and educational at the same time. We do this because children take big developmental steps at an early age and love to have their senses challenged.

 See the 10 best Christmas gift ideas for baby below

Read more if you want inspiration for Christmas gifts for baby this year. We've got some great suggestions for toys that are a hit with little ones under 1. That means you can get great ideas for what to get your baby for Christmas this year.

Lamaze Butterfly Cage

Super cute and colourful butterfly leash from Lamaze. The butterfly larva can be taken apart and also put together again with Velcro. The bear's many colours and textures help to stimulate baby's senses. Here, baby can practice the grasping complex, either with the whole teddy bear or using the individual joints. The teddy measures 37 cm. Super nice baby toy that can already be used from baby's newborn. Buy the Christmas gift for baby now.

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Activity centre from Hape

Nice and stimulating activity centre from Hape that includes a ball maze, playground, hammer board and much more. The activity centre is colourful and really entertaining and educational toys for little ones to really challenge their senses. Great Christmas gift idea that can be used by the child for a long time due to the variety of activities.

Jellycat Teddy

Super cute and adorable rabbit with long ears from the Jellycat range. The rabbit measures 31 cm and is made of the softest quality. It is easy to hold, take for a walk and is sure to become your child's favourite teddy bear. The Jellycat rabbit is available in several sizes and colours. Ideal Christmas gift idea for the little ones.

BObles tumble toys

Fun and challenging tumbling toy from BObles, here the Chicken. The Chicken can be used from around 6 months. Here baby can exercise the neck muscles and at the same time stimulate the rest of the body. The Chicken can be used at two months and is also a brilliant tumbling toy for the older child to challenge their balance. The BObles Chicken is available in several colours and the different BObles models can be combined to create a homemade obstacle course with fun motor challenges. A classic gift idea, as the child cannot have too many BObles tumble toys.

Stroller from BRIO

Nice and classic stroller from BRIO that is great for supporting the toddler during the first steps. The stroller has lacquered metal handles and an adjustable brake to adjust the speed. The stroller has space for favourite toys to come along for the ride, while also helping to stimulate gross motor skills and sense of balance. Recommended from 9 months and available in both Black and Red/Yellow. A great Christmas gift to get the ball rolling at home.

Baby swing from Krea

Cute colourful wooden baby swing from Krea that can be used both indoors and outdoors. The baby swing has support in the back and is easy to put baby in. It has nice colourful wooden rings placed on the front of the seat so baby has something to touch. It is recommended for when baby can sit steadily on their own. The swing measures 32 x 32 x 140 cm.

Oball with rattle

Classic toy from Oball with small built-in balls. The ball can therefore also be used as a rattle for the little one. Oball is a toy that is easy to grip and hold because of the design with the large holes. At the same time it can be thrown and twirled. The ball can be used from a very young age to practise grasping. It is available in the colours orange, green and pink. Buy Oball toys as Christmas gifts for baby.

Clothes for baby

Graceful dress from Hust&Claire with long sleeves. The dress is in a nice peach rose colour with fine details. Super ideal for those chilly autumn and winter days with a pair of tights. Available in several sizes.

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Nice long sleeve blouse from Noa Noa Miniature in a nice baby blue. The blouse is made in a soft cotton quality that is super nice for the little ones. It has a round neckline and is super chic with any type of pants.

Clothes are always a good gift idea as the little ones grow so quickly. See the great clothes for little boys and girls here.

Building blocks from B Toys

Colourful and super soft blocks for baby to stack, chew, grab and take to the bath. The pack includes 10 blocks, each with hand-modelled relief images. The blocks contain no harmful substances and are completely safe for toddlers. Each block measures 5 x 5 cm and is recommended from 6 months. Great Christmas gift idea for the little ones.